Did You Know There were several Hebrew words used for God?

There were several Hebrew words used for God. The word ayhla (Elohim) means one with power and authority. It has the plural form to add emphasis. It is also consistent with the concept of the trinity.

The word ynwda (adonai) is usually translated “Lord”. Literally, it means “my lords” (plural). However, it is used like a name.

The word 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 (Yaweh) is the name usually used for the God of Israel. It was considered so sacred that it was never spoken. Thus, we have no idea how it should be pronounced. The Masoretic text added vowel marks that indicated a pronunciation (Yehowah or Yehovah). It is from this that we get the word Jehovah. Since there is no such word Yehovah in Hebrew, this was a clue that this word should not be spoken. The Hebrews generally spoke the word “adonai” instead. The origin and meaning of the title Yaweh is not clear. It is thought by some to be an ancient form of the verb “to be.”

The word hyha (ehyeh) is the first person form of the verb hyh (hayah) meaning “to exist or to have breath.” This is the title that God told Moses to use if he was asked the name of the one who sent him (Exodus 3:14). The word “ehyeh” is usually translated “I am”. It is the imperfect form of the verb. I looked at a blog on the internet that was written by a Jewish girl. She said that there is no “I AM” in Hebrew and they would translate this as “I WILL BE.” Since Hebrew verbs do not have time related tenses, it is possible that God is saying something here that could not be said with one word in English, i.e., “I WAS”, “I AM”, and “I WILL BE.”