Names and Glossary

Titles of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄: YHWH, Yahuah
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄: Self Existent One: I Am Who I Am
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Nissi: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 my banner
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Rapha: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 the healer
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Shalom: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 send peace
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Shammah: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is there
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Tsidqĕnu: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 our righteousness
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Yireh: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 will provide
𐤀𐤄𐤉𐤄 AHAYAH: I AM, I Be, First-person of Yahayah, Combination of Ah and Hayah meaning: I create existence or I exist

𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤏: Yahushua
𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 :𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤏  is salvation

* pagan deity or of pagan origin
† of uncertain or foreign origin
E of Egyptian origin
G of Greek origin
L of Latin origin
P of Persian origin

Note: Many names containing the ‘Trigrammaton’ – Yahu sometimes appear in the abbreviated form ending in Yah. This name study only lists the full name of such individuals.

Abaddon: destruction
Aḇaḡtha: father given
Aḇanah: stony
Aḇarim: regions beyond
Abba: father
Aḇda: a servant, servitude
Aḇde’ĕl: servant of Ĕl
Aḇdi: my servant
Aḇdi’ĕl: my servant of Ĕl
Aḇdon: servitude
Aḇĕḏ-Nego: (light) servant of Nego*
Abel ha’Shittim: plain of the acacias
Aḇĕl Keramim: field of vineyards
Aḇĕl Mayim: field of waters
Aḇĕl Meholah: meadow of dancing
Aḇĕl Mitsrayim: plain of defences
Aḇĕl: plain, meadow, field
Aḇi: my father
Aḇi-Albon: my father my Ĕl
Aḇiḇ: green fruit, ears of corn
Aḇiḏa: my father of knowledge
Aḇiḏan: my father of judgment
Aḇi’ĕl: my father Ĕl
Aḇi’ezer: my father of help
Aḇiḡayil: my father’s joy
Aḇiḥayil: my father’s strength
Aḇihu: my father is he
Aḇihuḏ: my father’s renown
Aḇilĕnĕ: my father of mourning
Aḇima’ĕl: my father from Ĕl
Aḇimeleḵ: my father the sovereign
Aḇinaḏaḇ: my father is generous
Aḇino’am: my father’s delight
Aḇiram: my father most high
Aḇishaḡ: my father’s error
Aḇishai: my father’s gift
Aḇishalom: my father of peace
Aḇishua: my father of salvation
Aḇishur: my father of the wall – stonemason
Aḇital: my father’s dew
Aḇituḇ: my father’s goodness
Aḇiyahu: my father is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Aḇiyam: my father of the sea
Aḇiyasaph: my father’s gathering
Aḇnĕr: father of light
Aḇraham: father of a great multitude
Aḇram: father most high
Aḇronah: passage
Aḇshalom: father of peace
Aḏaḏ: (mighty) Hadad
Aḏaḏah: festive assembly
Aḏah: passed, adorned
AḏalyaP: drawn up of Yah
Aḏam: of the ground, reddish
Aḏamah: of the ground, reddish
Aḏami Neqeḇ: earthen cave
Aḏar / Addar: great, eminent
Aḏayahu: adorned of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Aḏbe’ĕl: disciplined of Ĕl
Addan: strong, firm
Addi: my ornament
Addon: master, powerful
Aḏon: Master
Aḏi’ĕl: ornament of Ĕl
Aḏin / Aḏina: adorned, voluptuous
Aḏino: his spear, adornment
Aḏithayim: double prey, attacks
Aḏlai: my justice
Aḏmah: of the ground, reddish
AḏmathaP: testimony
Aḏna / Aḏnah: pleasure, delight
Aḏonai: my Master
Adoni-Bezeq: my master of lightning
Aḏoni-Tseḏeq: my master of righteousness
Aḏoniqam: my master is raised
Aḏoniram: my master is most high
Aḏoniyahu: my master is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Aḏoram: my master is most high
Aḏorayim: splendours, eminences
Aḏrammeleḵ*: splendour of the sovereign
Adramyttium†: abode of death
Aḏri’ĕl: the flock of Ĕl
Aḏullam: justice of the people
Aḏummim: of the ground, reddish ones
Aḡaḡ: I overthrow, flame
Aḡe: I increase
AgrippasG: hero-like
Aḡur: gathered, harvest
Aḥaḇ: brother of the father
Aḥarḥĕl: safe, entrenched
Aharon: blood is shed
Aḥasbai: brother of a drunkard
AḥashwĕroshP: (Ahasuerus) I will be silent and poor
Ahawa: subsistence
Aḥaz: seized, possessor
Aḥazyahu: seized of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Aḥban: brother of understanding
Aḥĕr: following
Aḥi: my brother, my brethren
Aḥi’ezer: my brother helps
Aḥihuḏ: my brother’s renown
Aḥiluḏ: my brother begotten
Aḥima’ats: my brother’s anger
Aḥiman: my brother’s gift
Aḥimeleḵ: my brother the sovereign
Aḥimoth: my brother’s death
Aḥinaḏaḇ: my brother is willing
Aḥino’am: my brother is pleasant
Aḥiqam: my brother who raises up
Aḥira: my brother of iniquity
Aḥiram: my brother on high
Aḥisamaḵ: my brother’s support
Aḥishaḥar: my brother of the dawn
Aḥishar: my brother sang
Aḥithophel: my brother’s folly
Aḥituḇ: my brother’s goodness
Aḥiyahu: my brother of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Aḥlaḇ: fatness / brother’s fertility
Aḥlai: beseeching, wishful
AhmethaP: brother of death
Aḥoḥite: (brotherly) of Aḥowaḥ
Aḥowaḥ: brotherly
Aḥraḥ: after his brother
Aḥumai: my brother of waters
Aḥuzzam: seizure
Aḥuzzath: take possession
Aḥyam: brother of mother
Aḥyan: brother of wine
Aḥyo: brotherly, his brother
Aḥzai: my possessor
Ai: ruin, heap
Aineas: praised, praiseworthy
Aḵaia: grief, trouble
Aḵaikos: (trouble) of Akaia
Aḵan / Aḵar: he that troubles
Aḵbor: rat, attacking
Aḵish: thus it is, how is this
Akkaḏ: strengthened, fortress
Akko: surrounded, a bay
Aḵor: trouble
Aḵsah: anklet, tinkling ornament
Aḵshaph: enchantment, sorcery
Aḵziḇ: deceitful, falsehood
Alemeth: concealed, covering
AlexandriaG: of Alexandras
AlexandrasG: defender of man
Allammeleḵ: oak of the sovereign
Allon: terebinth, oak
Allon Baḵuth: oak of weeping
Almodad: not measured
Almon Diḇlathayemah: hidden fig cakes
Almon: hidden
Aloth: mistresses
Alush: knead
Alwah / Alyah: iniquity: wickedness
Alwan / Alyan: ascended
Amaḏ: people of time
Amal: labor, iniquity
Amalĕq: valley dweller
Amam: gathering, their mother
Amanah: firm, covenant
Amaryahu: spoken of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Amasa: burden
Amasai: my burden
Amashesai: burdensome
Amasyah: burdened of Yah
Amatsyahu: strength of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Ami: my strength, my mother
Amittai: my truth
Ammah: mother
Ammah: cubit/s
Amma’us: warm springs, mules
Ammi: my people
Ammi’ĕl: people of Ĕl
Ammihuḏ: my people of splendor
Amminaḏaḇ: my people of generosity
Ammishaddai: people of the Almighty
Ammizaḇaḏ: my people are endowed
Ammon: people, tribe
Amnon: trustworthy
Amoq: valley, depth
Amon: built up, trained
Amorah: heap, ruin
Amorite: (talker) of Amar
Amos: burdensome, weighty
Amots: strong
AmphipolisG: city surrounded by water
AmpliasL: large, extensive
Amram: exalted people
Amraphel: speaker of secrets
Amtsi: my strength
Anaḇ / Anuḇ: grape, bear fruit
Anah: answer
Anaḥarath: narrow gorge
Anamim: affliction of the waters
Anammeleḵ*: sovereign who answers
Anan: cloud
Anani: cloudy
Ananyah: cloud of Yah
Anaq: necklace, collar
Anaqim: of Anaq
Anath / Anathoth: answer, answers
Anathema: accursed
Anayah: answered of Yah
Andri: where is my dwelling?
AndronikosG: man of victory
Anĕm: fountains
Anĕr: light, youth
Anim: fountains
Aniyam: sorrow of people
Antioḵeia / AntioḵeusG: driven against
Antipas / AntipatrisG: for my father
Antothiyah: answers of Yah
ApellĕsL-: exclusion, separation
Aphĕq / Aphĕqah / Aphiq: strength, a fortress
Aphiyaḥ: a breeze: blowing
ApolloniaG: belonging to Apollo*
ApollosG: given by Apollo*
ApolluonG*: destroyer
Appayim: nostrils, angry
Apphia: productive, fruitful
AppiusL: Latin praenomen
Aqan: torturous
Aqim: preparing, revenging, confirming
Aqquḇ: swell out, supplanting
Aqrabbim: scorpions
AqulasL: eagle
Ar: city
Ara: lion
Araḇ / Araḇia: mixed people
Araḏ: fugitive
Araḥ: sojourner
Aram: highland, elevated
Aram-Ma’aḵah: highland of oppression
Aram-Naharayim: highland of two rivers
Aram-Tsoḇah: elevated station
Aramean: (highlander) of Aram
Aran: joyous shout
Ararat: curse of precipitation
Arawnah: ark, joyful shout
Arba: four
Arbite: (mixed) of Araḇ
Arbathite: (desert) of Araḇah
Ard: wanderer
Ardon: wandering
Arĕli: heroic
AreopagusG: rock of Ares*
Aretas: graver
Argoḇ: stony
AriḏaiP: lion enough
AriḏathaP: lion of the decree
Ari’ĕl: lion of Ĕl
ArisaiP: lion of my banner
AristarḵosG: superior ruler
AristobulosG: superior counsel
ArḵelaosG: ruler of people
ArḵipposG: master of horses
Arkite: (long) of Erek
Armoni: my palace
Arnan / Arnon: roaring stream
Aro’ĕr: nakedness
Aroḏ: sojourn
Aroḏi: my sojourn
Arpaḏ: spread out
Arpaḵshaḏ: healer, releaser
Arqite: (gnawing) of Araq
Artaḵshashta: (Artaxerxes) honoured sovereign
ArtemasG: gift of Artemis*
ArtemisG*: (Diana*) complete light
Artsa: earthy
Arubboth: windows
Arumah: high, exalted
Arwaḏ: wander, break loose
Aryĕh: lion
Aryoḵ: lion-like
Asa: healer, cure
Asah’ĕl: work of Ĕl
Asaph: gatherer
Asar’ĕl: uprightness of Ĕl
Asayah: Yah has made
AsenathE: of Neith*
Ashan: smoke
Ashar’ĕlah: uprightness of Elah
Ashbĕa: swear, adjure
Ashbĕl: flowing
Ashdoḏ: ravager
Ashĕr: gladness
Ashĕrah*: gladness
Ashĕrim*: symbols of Asherah*
Ashĕroth*: gladnesses
Ashḥur: black
Ashima*: crime, offense
Ashkenaz: scattered fire
Ashnah: changing
Ashpenaz: greatly scattered
Ashqelon: weight, balance
Ashshur: (Assyria) gladness,
Ashtaroth* / Ashtoreth*: increases
Ashterathite: (increase) of Ashterah
Ashteroth* Qamayim: increases of horns
Ashwath: shining, bright
Asia: orient, muddy: boggy
Asi’ĕl: the work of Ĕl
Asnah: hated, stored up
AspathaP: encircled gathering
Asri’ĕl: uprightness of Ĕl
Asshur: straight
Asshurim: straight ones, successful
Assir: prisoner
Assos: approaching
AsugkritosG: incomparable
Ataḏ: a thorn, pierce
Atarah: a crown
Ataroth: crowns
Atĕr: maimed, closed
Athaḵ: sojourn, lodging
Athalyahu: afflicted of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Atharim: steps
Athayah: assistance of Yah
Athĕnaios: of Athĕnĕ*, uncertainty
Athlai: bound
Atroth Addar: crowns of eminence
Atroth Bĕyth Yo’aḇ: crowns of the house of Yo’aḇ
Atsal / Atsĕl: reserved, near
Atsalyahu: reserved, near to 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Atsmon: like bone
Attai: timely
AttaleiaG: due season of Yah
AugustusL: augmented, grand
Awen: nothingness, vanity
Awith: wickedness, ruins
Awwa: overthrown
Awwim: overthrowing
Ayah: hawk, vulture, a screamer
Ayalon: deer pasture
Ayath: ruins, heap
Ayin: fountain, eye
Ayyah: heap, ruin
Azanyah: heard by Yah
Azar’ĕl: helped by Ĕl
Azaryahu: helped by 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Azaz: strong
Azazĕl: goat of removal, scapegoat
Azazyahu: strength of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Azbuq: mighty devastation
Azĕqah: tilled
Azgaḏ: strength of Gaḏ*
Azi’ĕl: my strength is Ĕl
Aziza: strength
Azmaweth: strong one of death
Aznoth Taḇor: broken plains
Azor: helpful
Azri’ĕl: help of Ĕl
Azriqam: my help rises
Azuḇah: forsaken
Azzah: strong
Azzan: strong one
Azzathite: (strong) of Azzah
Azzur: helpful
Ba’al*: lord*, master
Ba’al Gaḏ*: lord of fortune*
Ba’al Hamon: lord of a multitude
Ba’al Me’on: lord of the dwelling
Ba’al Pe’or: lord of the opening
Ba’al Peratsim: lord of division
Ba’al Shalishah: (trinity) lord of three
Ba’al Tamar: lord of the palm
Ba’al Tsephon: lord of darkness
Ba’al-Berith: lord of the covenant
Ba’al-Ḥanan: lord of favour
Ba’al-Ḥermon: lord of destruction
Ba’al-Zeḇuḇ: lord of the fly
Ba’alah*: feminine of lord, mistress
Ba’alath Be’ĕr: lords of the pit
Ba’alath*: feminine of lords, mistresses
Ba’alĕ*: lords
Ba’alis*: exalted lord
Ba’ana / Ba’anah: in affliction
Ba’ara: foolish
Ba’asĕyah: in the work of Yah
Ba’asha: offensive
Baḇel: (Babylon) confusion
Baḥurim: young men
Balaḏan: Ba’al* is lord
Balah: worn out, failure
Balaq: destroyer
Bamah: exalted, high place
Bamoth: high places
Bamoth Ba’al: high places of Ba’al*
Bani: built
Baqbaqqar: searcher
Baqbuq: flask, empty
Baqbuqyah: emptied of Yah
Bar-Yahoshua: son of Yahoshua
Bar-Yonah: son of Yonah
Barabba: son of the father
Baraḵ: bless*/blesses/blessed
Baraḵ’ĕl: blessed of Ĕl
Baraq: lightning
Barḥumite: (young men) of Baḥurim
Bariyaḥ: fleeing
Barnaḇah: son of the prophet
Barqos: son cut off
Barsabba: son of service
Bartholomi: son of my furrow
Bartimai: son of the unclean
Baruḵ: blessed
Barziilai: made of iron
Basemath: fragrance, perfumed
Bashan: fruitful
Bath Rabbim: daughter of multitudes
Bathsheḇa: daughter of oath
Bathshua: daughter of bounty
Batslith / Batsluth: peelings
BawwaP: my goings
Be’aloth: mistresses
Be’alyah: the Lord is Yah
Bĕḇai: my emptiness
Beḏaḏ: separation
Beḏan: servile
Bĕḏeyah: servant of Yah
Be’elyaḏa: lord of knowledge
Be’elzebul: lord of the dwelling
Be’ĕr Ĕlim: well of mighty ones
Be’ĕr Laḥai Ro’i: well of One who lives and sees me
Be’ĕr / Be’ĕra / Be’ĕrah: well, pit
Be’ĕri: my well
Be’ĕroth: wells
Be’ĕrsheḇa: well of an oath
Be’eshterah: with increase
Behĕmoth: dinosaurs, beasts
Beḵer: young camel
Beḵorath: first born, first fruit
Bĕl*: Ba’al* (lord*)
Belah: devouring
Beliya’al: wickedness, worthless
Bĕlshatstsar: Bĕl* protects the sovereign
Bĕlteshatstsar: Bĕl* protector of the sovereign
Ben-Aḇinaḏaḇ: son of Aḇinaḏaḇ
Ben-Ammi: son of my people
Ben-Deqer: son of piercing
Ben-Geḇer: son of a warrior
Ben-Haḏaḏ: son of Haḏaḏ*
Ben-Ḥanan: son of favour
Ben-Ḥayil: son of might
Ben-Ḥeseḏ: son of kindness
Ben-Ḥur: son of whiteness
Ben-Oni: son of my sorrow
Ben-Zoḥeth: son of release
Bĕn: son
Bĕnai: my son
Benayahu: son of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Benĕi Beraq: sons of lightning
Beney Ya’aqan: sons of torture
Beni-Reḡes: sons of thunder
Beninu: our sons
Beno: builder
Be’on: habitation
Be’or: burning, lamp
Bera: son of evil
Beraḵah: blessing, bending the knee
Berayah: created of Yah
Bereḏ: hail
Bereḵyahu: blessing of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Bĕri: my well
Beri’ah: in distress, unfavoured
Berith: covenant
BemikĕG: victorious
Beroḏaḵ-Balaḏan: Merodak* has given a son
BeroiaG: pierce, pass through
Bĕrothah / Bĕrothai: like a cypress
Bĕsai: domineering
Besoḏeyah: counsel of Yah
Besor: gladness
Betaḥ: safety
Beten: belly
Bether: pieces
Bethu’ĕl / Bethul: destroyed of Ĕl
Betonim: nuts
Bĕtsai: conqueror
Betsal’ĕl: in the shadow of Ĕl
Betser: fortress
Bĕyth Aḇarah: house of the ford
Bĕyth Anath: house of answers
Bĕyth Anoth: house of answers
Bĕyth Anyah: house of affliction
Bĕyth Aphrah: house of dust
Bĕyth Araḇah: house of the desert
Bĕyth Aram: house of height
Bĕyth Arbĕl: house of the ambush of Ĕl
Bĕyth Awen: house of wickedness
Bĕyth Azmaweth: house of death’s strength
Bĕyth Ba’al Me’on: house of Ba’al’s* dwelling
Bĕyth Barah: house of the ford
Bĕyth Bir’i: house of my Creator
Beyth Daḡon*: house of the fish god
Bĕyth Diḏlathayim: house of fig cakes
Bĕyth Ĕḏen: house of delight
Bĕyth Ĕl: house of Ĕl
Bĕyth Ĕqeḏ: house of binding
Bĕyth Gaḏer: house of the wall
Bĕyth Gamul: house of recompense
Bĕyth ha’Ĕli: house of my Ĕl
Bĕyth ha’Ĕmeq: house of the valley
Bĕyth ha’Ĕtsel: house adjoining
Bĕyth ha’Gan: house of the garden
Bĕyth ha’Gilgal: house of the wheel
Bĕyth ha’Kkerem: house of the vineyard
Bĕyth ha’Ram: house of the height
Bĕyth Haran: house of the hill
Bĕyth Ḥoḡlah: house of the partridge
Bĕyth Ḥoran: house of the cave
Bĕyth Kar: house of the lamb
Bĕyth Leḇa’oth: house of lionesses
Bĕyth Leḥem: house of bread
Bĕyth Ma’aḵah: house of oppression
Bĕyth Markaḇoth: house of chariots
Bĕyth Me’on: house of the dwelling
Bĕyth Millo: house of the rampart
Bĕyth Nimrah: house of the leopard
Bĕyth Patstsĕts: house of dispersion
Bĕyth Pelet: house of escape
Bĕyth Pe’or: house of the cleft, or gap
Bĕyth Phaḡi: house of figs
Bĕyth Rapha: house of healing
Bĕyth Reḥoḇ: house of expanse
Bĕyth Shan / She’an: house of rest
Bĕyth Shemesh: house of the sun
Bĕyth Shittah: house of the acacia
Bĕyth Tappuaḥ: house of the apple tree
Bĕyth Tsaiḏa: house of food
Bĕyth Tsur: house of the rock
Bĕyth Yeshimoth: house of desolation
Bĕyth Zatha: house of favour
Bezeq: lightning
Biḏqar: with a stab
Biḡtha / Biḡthan / BiḡthanaP: in the wine-press
Biḡwai: in my body
Biḵri: first-born
Bil’am: not of the people, foreigner
Bildaḏ: old friend
Bilgah: cheerfulness
Bilgai: my cheerfulness
Bilhah: timid
Bilhan: deteriorate
Bilshan: in slander
Bimhal: in mix, in cutting
Bin’a: fountain
Binnui: built up
Binyamin: son of the right hand
Birsha: with wickedness
Bishlam: in peace
Bithron: division
Bithunia: violent precipitation
Bithyah: daughter of Yah
Bireḵoth: Blessings
Birzoth: in leanness
BizthaP: booty
Bizyothyah: despisings of Yah
BlastosG: brings forth
Bo’az: fleetness
Bohan: thumb
Boḵeru: first-born
Boḵim: weeping
Botsĕts: shining
Botsqath: swollen ground
Botsrah: sheepfold, enclosure
Bul: increase
Bunah: understanding
Bunni: built
Buqqi: wasteful
Buqqiyahu: emptied of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Buz: despised
Buzi: my contempt
Dabbesheth: hilly place
Daḏerath: words, pastures
Daḡon*: fish
Dalmanutha: slow firebrand
Dalmatia: priestly robe
Dalphon: dripping
DamarisG: heifer
Dammeseq / Darmeseq: (Damascus) silent, sackcloth weaver
Dan: judgment, he that judges
Dan Ya’an: judgment of purpose
Dani’ĕl: judgment of Ĕl, my judge is Ĕl
Dannah: judged
Dara: arm
Darda: pearl of knowledge
DareyaweshP: lord*
Darqon scatterer
Dathan: of a fountain
Dawiḏ: well-beloved, dear
Deḇir: sanctuary
Deḇorah: bee
Deḏan / Deḏaneh: low country
Dehawite: (sickly) of Dahawa
DekapolisG: ten cities
Delayahu: drawn of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Delilah: languid
DemasG: abbreviation of Demetrios
DĕmĕtriosG: (Ceres*) belonging to Demeter*
Deqer: pierced
Derbĕ: tanner
Deu’ĕl: known of Ĕl
Di Zahaḇ: much gold
Diḇlah: fig cake
Diḇlayim: fig cakes
Diḇon: sorrowful
Diḇon Gaḏ*: passing away, bad luck
Diḇri: my word
Dil’an: gourd
Dimnah: dunghill
Dimon: silence
Dimonah: silence
Dinah: judgment
Dinhaḇah: judgment giver
DionusiosG: devoted to Zeus*
DiotrephĕsG: Zeus* nourishes
Diphath: spoken
Diqlah: palm grove
Dishan: thresher
Dishon: thresher
Do’ĕḡ: anxious, fearing
Doḏai: loving
Doḏanim: leaders
Doḏawahu: beloved of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Doḏo: his beloved
Dophqah: knocking
Dor: generation
DorkasG: gazelle
Dothan: two wells
DrousillaL: watered by the dew
Dumah: silence
Dura: dwelling
Eḇeḏ-Melek: servant of the sovereign
Eḇeḏ: servant
Eḇen ha’Ĕzer: the stone of help
Ĕḇer: region beyond
Eḇets: made white, gleam
Eḇyasaph: my father has gathered
Eḇyathar: my father is great
Ĕḏen: pleasure, delight
Ĕḏer: flock
Eḏom: red, earthy
Eḏre’i: mighty
Eḡlah: heifer
Eḡlayim: reservoirs
Eḡlon: calf-like
Ĕḥi: brotherly
Ĕhuḏ: praised
Ĕḥuḏ: united
Ĕl: Almighty
Ĕl Berith: Ĕl of the covenant
Ĕl Beyth Ĕl: the Ĕl of the house of Ĕl
Ĕl Elohĕ Yisra’ĕl: Ĕl the Almighty of Yisra’ĕl
Ĕl Shaddai: Almighty Mighty One
El’aḏ: Ĕl has witnessed
Elaḏah: Ĕl has adorned
El’alĕh: Ĕl has ascended
El’asah: Ĕl has made
El’azar: Ĕl is help
Ĕlah: oak
Elda’ah: Ĕl is known
Eldaḏ: Ĕl has loved
Eleph: thousand
Elḥanan: Ĕl has favoured
Ĕli: my Ĕl
Eli’ĕl: my Ĕl is Ĕl
Eli’ĕynai: Ĕl of my eyes
Eli’ezer: My Ĕl is help
Eliḏaḏ: my Ĕl has loved
Eliḥoreph: (harvest time) Ĕl of winter
Elihu: my Ĕl is He
Elihuḏ: my Ĕl is praised
Ĕlim: palms
Elimeleḵ: my Ĕl is Sovereign
Eliphal: my Ĕl of prayer
Eliphaz: my Ĕl is pure gold
Eliphelet: my Ĕl of deliverance
Eliphelĕhu: my Ĕl distinguishes him
Eliqa: my Ĕl rejects
Elisha: my Ĕl saves
Elishah: my Ĕl helps
Elishama: my Ĕl hears
Elishaphat: my Ĕl judges
Elisheḇa: my Ĕl has sworn
Elishua: my Ĕl is salvation
Elitsaphan: my Ĕl is treasure
Elitsur: my Ĕl is a rock
Eliyaḇ: my Ĕl is father
Ĕliyah / Ĕliyahu: my Ĕl is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Eliyam: Ĕl of the people
Eliyathah: Ĕl has consented
Ellasar: Ĕl has chastened
Elmoḏam: Ĕl has measured
Elna’am: Ĕl is delight
Elnathan: Ĕl has given
Eloah: Almighty
Elohim: Almighty
Ĕlon: oak, strong tree
Elpa’al: Ĕl is maker
Elpelet: Ĕl is deliverance
Elqanah: Ĕl has purchased
Elqoshite: (Ĕl has gathered) Ĕl of Elqosh
Elteqĕh: Ĕl l is hope
Elteqon: Ĕl is straight
Eltolaḏ: Ĕl of generations
Eltsaphan: Ĕl has hidden
Elul: nothingness
Elumas: a wise one
Eluzai: Ĕl is my strength
Elyaḏa: Ĕl knows
Elyaḥba: Ĕl has hidden
Elyaqim: Ĕl raises
Elyasaph: Ĕl has added
Elyashiḇ: Ĕl restores
Elyaho’ĕynai / Elyo’ĕynai: Ĕl of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 of my eyes
Elzaḇaḏ: Ĕl has presented
Ĕmeq Qetsits: valley cut off
Ĕndor: fountain of Dor
Enosh: man
EpainetosG: praiseworthy
Epaphras / EpaphroditosG: devoted to Aphroditĕ*
Ĕphah: dark, gloomy
Ĕpher: gazelle
Ephes Dammim: boundary of blood
EphesosG: permitted
Ephlal: intercessor
Ĕphoḏ: shoulder garment, mantle
Ephphatha: be opened
Ephrath / Ephrathah: abundance
Ephrayim: fruitfulness
Ephron: fawn-like
EpikureanG: follower of Epikouros
Ĕqer: offspring
Eqron: uprooted
Ĕr: awake
Ĕran: watcher
ĔrastosG: loved
Ereḵ: prolong
Ĕri: watchful
Ĕsarḥaddon: Ashshur has given a brother
Ĕsaw: hairy
Ĕseq: contention
Esh’an: support
Esh-Ba’al: man of Ba’al*
Eshban: spreading fire
Ĕsheq: oppressor
Eshkol: cluster of grapes
Eshta’ol: inquired
Eshtemoa / Eshtemoh: I shall obey
Eshton: restful
EstĕrP*: star
Eth Qatsin: time of a ruler
Ĕtham: their ploughshare
Ethba’al: with Ba’al*
Ether: abundant
Ethnan: a hire
Ethni: my hire
Etsbon: hastening to understand
Ĕtsel: departure
Etsem: bone
Ĕtser: treasure
Etsnite: (sharp one, spear) of Ĕtsen
Etsyon Geḇer: backbone of a warrior
EubulosG: prudent
EunikĕG: good victory
EuodiaG: prosperous
EutuḵosG: fortunate
Ewi: my desire
Ewil-Meroḏaḵ: soldier of Meroḏaḵ*
Ĕyḇal: bare, bald
Ĕyḵah: where
Ĕylam: eternity
Ĕylath / Ĕyloth: grove of trees
Ĕylon Bĕyth Ḥanan: oak of the house of favour
Ĕymite: (terror) of Ĕymah
Ĕyn Dor: fountain of dwelling
Ĕyn Eḡlayim: fountain of calves
Ĕyn Gannim: fountain of gardens
Ĕyn Geḏi: fountain of the young goat
Ĕyn Ḥaddah: fountain of sharpness
Ĕyn ha’Qorĕ: fountain of him that called
Ĕyn Ḥaroḏ: fountain of trembling
Ĕyn Ḥatsor: fountain of the village
Ĕyn Mishpat: fountain of judgment
Ĕyn Rimmon: fountain of the pomegranate
Ĕyn Roḡĕl: fountain of a traveller
Ĕyn Shemesh: fountain of the sun
Ĕyn Tappuaḥ: fountain of the apple tree
Ĕynam / Ĕnayim: fountains
Ĕynan: having eyes
Ĕytam: lair of wild beasts
Ĕythan: enduring
Ĕythanim: endurance
Ezbai: my hyssop
Ezel: depart
Ezer / Ĕzer: help, treasure
Ezra / Ezrah: help
Ezraḥite: (shining) of Zerah
Ezri: my help
Ga’al: contempt
Ga’ash: quaking
Gaḇa / Geḇa / Giḇ’ah: hill
Gabbai: my back
Gabbatha: elevated
Gaḇri’ĕl: Ĕl is my strength
Gaḏ*: fortune*, luck*
Gaḏarenes: (walled) of Geḏĕrah
Gaḏi / Gaddi: my luck
Gaddi’ĕl: my luck is Ĕl
Gaḥam: burn, flame
Gaḥar: hiding
GaiosL: lord
Gal’ĕd: heap of witness
Galal: great
Galatia: of the Gauls
Galil: boundary
Gallim: springs
GallionL: one who lives on milk
Gamli’ĕl: reward of Ĕl
Gammaḏite: (warrior) of Gammaḏ
Gamul: a recompense
Garĕḇ: scabby
Garmite: (bony) of Gerem
Gashmu: rain, shower
Gatam: burnt valley
Gath: winepress
Gath Ḥĕpher: winepress of digging
Gath Rimmon: press of pomegranate
Gath Shemen: oil press
Gazĕz: shearer
Gazzam: devourer
Geḇa: hill
Geḇal: boundary
Geḇer: warrior
Gĕḇim: ditches
Geḏalyahu: great is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Geḏer/Geḏor: wall
Geḏĕrah: walled
Geḏĕroth: walls
Geḏĕothayim: many walls
Gĕḥazi: valley of vision
Geliloth: boundaries
Gemalli: camel driver
Gemaryahu: accomplishment of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Gennĕsar: harp
Genuḇath: theft
Gĕra: grain
Gerar: towing
Gĕreshom: foreigner
Gĕreshon: exiled
Gerizim: off-cuttings
Geshem: rain, shower
Geshur: bridge
Gether: fear
Geu’ĕl: redemption of Ĕl
Gĕy ha’Ḥarashim: valley of the craftsmen
Gĕy-Ḥarashim: valley of craftsmen
Gĕy-Hinnom: (Hell*) valley of lamentation
Gĕyshan: lump
Gezer: portion
Giḇ’a / Giḇ’ah: hill
Giḇ’ath: hilly
Gib’on / Giḇ’on: hill city
Gibbar: mighty
Gibbethon: hills
Giḏom: cutting down
Giḏ’on: hewer
Giḏ’oni: my hewer
Giddalti: I make great
Giddĕl: great
Giḥon: bursting forth
Gil’aḏ: rocky region
Gilalai: roll away
Gilboa: swelling fountain
Gilgal: wheel, rolling
Giloh: exile
Gilonite: of Giloh
Gimzo: fertile sycamore
Ginath: protection
Ginnethoi: my defender
Ginnethon: defender
Girgashite: (dwelling on clay) of Girgash
Girzite: (portion) of Gezer
Gishpa: caress
Gittayim: winepresses
Gittite: (winepress) of Gath
Giyaḥ: break forth
Gizonite: (quarry) of Gizon
Go’ah: bellowing
Goḇ: cistern
Goḡ: mountain
Golan: captivity
Golgotha: skull
Golyath: exiled
Gomer: complete
GoshenE: drawing near
Goyim: nations
Gozan: cut off
Guḏgoḏah: place of cutting
Guni: my defender
Gur: dwelling
Gur Ba’al: dwelling of Ba’al*
Ha’Araḇim: the willows
Ha’aḥashtariP: the runner
Ha’Bashan Ḥawoth Ya’ir: the fruitful villages of enlightenment
Haḏaḏ Rimmon: almighty Rimmon*
Haḏaḏ*: mighty
Haḏaḏezer: Haḏaḏ* is help
Haḏar: honour
Haḏassah: myrtle tree
Haḏoram: noble honour
Haḡar: flight
Haḡri: wanderer
Haḡrite: of Haḡar
Hallelu-Yah: you praise Yah
Halleli𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄: I praise 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Hallĕl Yah: Praise Yah
Halloḥĕsh: the whisperer
Haman: magnificent
Ha’Millo: the rampart
HammeḏathaP: the double
Hammoleḵeth: the queen
Hamon Goḡ: (mountain) multitude of Gog
Hamonah: multitudes
Haqqatan: the small one
Haqqots: the thorn
Har Meḡiddo: mountain of assembly
Hara: mountainous
Haran: mountaineer
Haro’eh: vision
Hararite / Harorite: (mountain) of Harar
Harum: exalted
ha’Satan: the adversary
Hashĕm: wealthy
Hassena’ah: the thorn
Hathaḵ: even so
Hatselelponi: the shadow facing
Heḇel: (Abel) vanity, emptiness
Hĕḡai / Hĕḡep: eunuch
Hĕlĕl: (Lucifer) shining
Hĕmam: rage, destruction
Hĕman: trustworthy
Hĕna: troubling
Hermas / HermĕsG*: (Mercury*) speaker, herald
HermogenesG: born of Hermes*
HĕrodĕsG: (Herod) heroic
HĕrodiasG: (Herodias) heroic
HĕrodionG: heroic
Hĕyḵal: Temple*
Hiddai: my rejoicing
HierapolisG: holy city
Hillĕl: praising
Hinnom: lamentation
Hoḏ: splendour
Hoḏawyah / Hoḏewah: majesty of Yah
Hoḏiyah: my majesty is Yah
Hodu: (India) give praise
Hoham: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 impels
Homam: disturbance
Hor: mountain
Horam: exalted, high
Hoshama: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 hears
Hoshayah: saved of Yah
Hoshĕa: salvation
Hoshia-na: save please
Hothir: exceed
HumenaiosG: nuptial, of Humĕn* the deity of weddings

Ḥaḇaqquq: embrace
Ḥaḇatstsinyah: light of Yah
Ḥaḇayah: hidden of Yah
Ḥaḇor: joining
Ḥaḏaḏ: fierceness
Ḥaḏashah: new
Ḥaḏattah: (village) new Ḥatsor
Ḥaḏiḏ: sharp
Ḥaḏlai: rest
Ḥaḏraḵ: dwelling
Ḥaḡaḇ / Ḥaḡaḇah / Ḥaḡaḇa: locust
Ḥaggai: festive
Ḥaggi: my feast
Ḥaggith: festive
Ḥaggiyah: feast of Yah
Ḥai: Life*
Ḥaḵalyah: darkened of Yah
Ḥaḵilah: dark
Ḥaḵmoni: my wisdom
Ḥalaḥ: painful
Ḥalaq: smooth
Ḥalḥul: twisting
Ḥali: ornament
Ḥam: hot
Ḥamath Tsoḇah: fortress of Tsoḇah
Ḥamath: fortress
Ḥammath: Hot springs
Ḥammon: warm
Ḥammoth Dor: hot springs of Dor
Ḥammu’el: heat of Ĕl
Ḥamor: donkey
Ḥamran: hot heights
Ḥamul: spared
Ḥamutal: father-in-law of dew
Ḥaname’ĕl: favoured of Ĕl
Ḥanane’ĕl: favour of Ĕl
Ḥanani: my favour
Ḥananyahu: favour of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Ḥanĕs: favour has fled
Ḥannah: favoured
Ḥannathon: showing favour
Ḥanni’ĕl: my favour of Ĕl
Ḥanoḵ: (Enoch) dedicated, trained
Ḥanun: favorable
Ḥapharayim: double wells
Ḥa’Pitstsĕts: the division
Ḥaqal Dema: field of blood
Ḥaqupha: crooked
Ḥaraḏah: fear, trembling
Ḥaran: parched, scorched
Ḥarḇona / ḤarḇonahP: donkey driver
Ḥarĕph: reproach
ḤarḥasP: scrape
Ḥarhayah: wrath of Yah
Ḥarḥur: inflamed
Ḥarim: dedicated
Ḥariph: pluck off
Ḥarnepherr: panting
Ḥaroḏite: (terror) of Ḥaroḏ
Ḥarosheth: cutting
Ḥarosheth ha’Goyim: cutting of the gentiles
Ḥarsha: mute
Ḥarumaph: destruction
Ḥaruphite: of Ḥariph
Ḥaruts: earnest
Ḥasaḏyah: favour of Yah
Ḥasenu’ah: thorny
Ḥashaḇnah: regard
Ḥashabneyah: regard of Yah
Ḥashaḇyahu: considered of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Ḥashbaddanah: considering judge
Ḥashmonah: fertile
Ḥashshuḇ: considerate
Ḥashuḇah: consideration
Ḥashum: enriched
Ḥasrah: lacking
Ḥassena’ah: the thorn
Ḥasupha: stripped
Ḥathath: fearful
Ḥatipha: seized
Ḥatita: exploring
Ḥatsar Addar: village of esteem
Ḥatsar Ĕynan: village of fountains
Ḥatsar Gaddah: village of luck
Ḥatsar haTiḵon: village of the middle
Ḥatsar Shu’al: village of the fox
Ḥatsar Susah: village of a horse
Ḥatsar Susim: village of horses
Ḥatsarmaweth: village of death
Ḥatsĕroth: villages, settlements
Ḥatsatson Tamar / Ḥatsetson Tamar: division, cutting of palms
Ḥatsor: village
Ḥattil: doubtful
Ḥattush: assembled
Ḥawilah: circular
Ḥawoth Ya’ir: villages of enlightenment
Ḥawran: cavernous
Ḥawwah: (Eve) life-giver
Ḥaza’ĕl: seeing Ĕl
Ḥazayah: seeing Yah
Ḥazi’ĕl: seen of Ĕl
Ḥazo: seer
Ḥeḇer: companion
Ḥeḇron: association
Ḥelah: rust
Ḥĕlam: stronghold
Ḥelbah: fertile
Ḥelbon: fruitful
Ḥeldai: worldly
Ḥĕleḇ: fatness
Ḥĕleḏ: glide swiftly, transient
Ḥĕlem: smiter
Ḥĕleph: exchange
Ḥĕleq: portion
Ḥelets / Ḥĕlets: delivered
Ḥĕlon: strength
Ḥelqai: my portion
Ḥelqath: boundaries
Ḥemdan: delight
Ḥĕn: favour, quiet, rest
Ḥĕnaḏaḏ: favour of Ḥaḏaḏ*
Ḥepher: a well
Ḥephtsiḇah: my delight is in her
Ḥeres: shining
Ḥeresh: silent
Ḥereth: forest
Ḥermon: destroyed
Ḥeshbon: reasoning
Ḥeshmon: rich
Ḥesli: confidence
Ḥĕth: terror
Ḥethlon: covered
Ḥetsrai / Ḥetsro: surround
Ḥetsron: surrounded
Ḥĕzir: enclosed
Ḥezyon: vision
Ḥiddeqel: rapid
Ḥi’ĕl: life of Ĕl
Ḥilĕn: fortress
Ḥilqiyahu: my portion is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Ḥirah: splendour
Ḥiram: noble
Ḥittite: of Ḥeth
Ḥiwwite: (villagers) of Ḥawoth
Ḥizqi: my strength
Ḥizqiyahu: my strength is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Ḥizzayon: revelation, dream
Ḥoḇaḇ: beloved
Ḥoḇah: hiding
Ḥoḏesh: new moon
ḤoḡIah: partridge
Ḥolon: sandy
Ḥophni: my fist
ḤophraE covering evil
Ḥor ha’Giḏgaḏ: cave of cutting
Ḥorĕḇ: desolate
Ḥorĕm: devoted
Ḥoresh: forest
Ḥori / Ḥorite: cave dweller
Ḥomnah: devotion
Ḥoronite: (cave) of Ḥoron
Ḥoronayim: caves
Ḥosah: refuge
Ḥotham: seal
Ḥui: circle
Ḥuldah: weasel
Ḥumtah: low, lizard
Ḥupham: sheltered
Ḥuppah: canopy
Ḥuppim: protected
Ḥuqoq / Ḥuqqoq: appointed
Ḥur: white, hole
Ḥurai / Ḥuri: whiteness, linen
Ḥuram: noble
Ḥuram-aḇi: my father is noble
Ḥushah: haste
Ḥusham: hastily
Ḥushai: hastening
Ḥushathite: of Ḥushah
Ḥushim: hurriers
Iḇri / Iḇrim: (Hebrew / Hebrews) one from beyond
Iḇtsan: whiteness
Iddo: witness
Iḵaḇoḏ: no esteem
IkonionG: little image
Ilai: elevated, exalted
Illurikon: lyric band
Immanu’el: Ĕl  is with us
Immĕr: speaking
Imri: speaker
Iqqĕsh: crooked
Ir: city
Ir ha’Tamarim: city of the palms
Ir Naḥash: city of the snake
Ir Shemesh: city of the sun
Ira: watchful
Iraḏ: fugitive
Iram: of a city
Iri: my city
Iru: his city
Ishbosheth: man of shame
Ishhod: man of majesty
Italia: calf-like
Ithai: with me
Ithamar: coast of the palm-tree
Ithi’ĕl: with me is Ĕl
Ittai: with me
Iwwah: wickedness
Iyĕ ha’Aḇarim: ruins of Abarim
Iyezer: no help
Iyim: ruins
Iyoḇ: persecuted
Iyon: a ruin
Izeḇel: exalted of Ba’al*
Kabbon: heap up
Kaḇul: bound
KaisarL: (Caesar) severed
KaisereiaL: severed
Kalĕḇ: a dog, forcible, a crow, a basket
Kalkol: sustaining
Kalnĕh / Kalno: consumed
Kandakĕ: prince of servants
Kanneh: flattering
Kaphtor: wreath, crown
Kaphtorim: crowns
Kappadokia: province of good horses
Karite: guardsman
KarkasP: severe
Karkemish: fortress of Kemosh*
Karmel: garden land
Karmi: my vineyard
KarposG: fruit, fruitful
Karshena: illustrious
Kasdim / Kasdite: of Keseḏ
Kasiphya: silvery
Kasluḥim: fortified
Keḇar: far away, many
Keḏorla’omer: handful of sheaves
Kehunnah: priesthood
Kelaḥ: full age
Kelal: completed
Keluḇ: caged
Keluḇai: my caged one
Keluhai: my completion
Kemosh*: subduer
Kena’an: lowland, merchant, trader
Kena’anah: trader
Kenani: my planting
Kenanyahu: established of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
KengkreaiG: millet
Kĕpha: a rock or stone
Kephar ha’Ammoni: village of the Ammonite
Kephar Nahum: village of comfort
Kephirah: lioness
Keren: lyre
Kerĕthite: (execution) of Karath
Kerith: cutting
Keruḇ: (angelic being) blessing
Keruḇim: (angelic beings) blessed ones
Kesalon: fertile
Keseḏ: increase
Kesil: foolish
Kesulloth: fattened
Keziḇ: false
Kiḏon: spear
Kil’aḇ: like father
Kilikia: land of Kelix
Kilmaḏ: enclosure
Kilyon: pining
Kimah: cluster, jewels
Kimham: longing
Kinnereth / Kinneroth: harps, harp shaped
Ḵiost: snowy
Kislĕw: his confidence
Kislon: hopeful
Kisloth Taḇor: flanks of the mounds
Kithlish: wall of a man
Kittim: bruising
Kiyyun*: statue, idol
KlaudĕL: lame
KlaudiaL / KlaudiusL: lame
KlĕmĕsG: forgiving
ḴloĕG: green herb
Knidos: nettled
Kohĕn: priest*
Kohenim: priests
Kohĕn ha’gadol: high priest
Koi-Ḥozeh: all-seeing
KolossaiG: colossal
Konyahu / Konanyahu: established of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Korazin: furnace of smoke
KoreshP: possessor of the furnace
KorinthosG: satiated
KornĕliusL: of a horn
Kos: prison
Kozbi: false
Kozĕḇa: falsehood
KrĕskĕsL: growing, increasing
Krĕtĕ: carnal, fleshly
KrispusL: curled
Kub: horde
Kun: established
KuprosG: love blossom
Kurĕnĕ: supremacy of the bridle
Kuria: lady
Kush: (Ethiopia) black
Kushan: their darkness
Kushan-Rish’athayim: darkness of double wickedness
Kushi: my darkness
Kuth / Kuthah: crushing
Ḵuzas: the seer
Laḇai: man of heart
Laḇan: (Laban) white
La’dah: order
La’dan: in order
La’ĕl: to Ĕl
Lahaḏ: glowing, earnest
Laḥmam: foods, provisions
Laḥmi: my bread
Laidan: put in order
Laḵish: invincible
LaodikeiaG: just people
Lappiḏoth: lamps, torches
Laqqum: fortification, barricade
LasaiaG: shaggy
Lasha: fissure, spring
Layish / Layishah: lion
Lĕ’ah: (Leah) weary
Lĕb: centre, heart
Leḇanah: moon, whiteness
Leḇanon: whiteness
Leḇa’oth: lionesses
Leḇonah: frankincense
Lehaḇim: flames
Lĕḵah: walking, journey
Lemeḵ: (Lemech) powerful
Lemu’ĕl: for Ĕl
Leshem: precious stone
Letushim: hammered
Le’ummim: peoples, nations
Lĕwi: (Levi) joined
Liḇnah: white tree, poplar
Liḇni: my whiteness
LibuĕG: (Libya) afflicted, weeping
LinosG: net
Liqeḥi: my learning
Liwiathan: dragon, joined
Lo-Ammi: not my people
Lo Ḏeḇar: no pasture, not anything
Lo-Ruḥamah: no compassion
Loḏ: travail
Lois: agreeable
Lot: veil
Lotan: covering
Luḇim: thirsty
Luḏ/ Luḏim: strife
LudiaG: travail
Luḥith: tablets
LukaoniaG: wolf land
LukasL: luminous
LukiaG: wolf-like
LukiosL: light, bright
LusaniasL: drives away sorrow
LusiasG: releaser
LustraG: ransomed
Luz: almond
Ma’aḏai: ornamental
Ma’aḏyah: adorned of Yah
Ma’ai: compassionate
Ma’aḵah: oppression
Ma’arath: waste, bareness
Ma’areh Ḡeḇa: meadows of the hill
Ma’asai: I will do
Ma’asĕyahu: work of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Ma’ath: small
Ma’ats: shut, wrath
Ma’azyahu: protection of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Maḏai: (Media) middle land
Maḏmĕn / Maḏmannah / Maḏmĕnah: dunghill
Maḏon: stature
Maḡbish: stiffening
Maḡdala: tower
Maḡdi’ĕI: preciousness of Ĕl
Maḡoḡ: mountainous
Maḡor-Missaḇiḇ: terror all around
Maḡpi’ash: killer of the moth
Mahalal’ĕl: praising Ĕl
Maḥalath: diseases
Maḥanayim: encampments, two camps
Maḥanĕh Dan: camp of Dan
Maharai: hasty, impetuous
Maḥath: blot out
Maḥawite: (propagate)of Maḥawĕh
Maḥaziyoth: visions
Mahĕr-Shalal-Ḥash-Baz: swift to the spoil – quick to the prey
Maḥlah: sickness
Maḥli: sickly
Maḥlon: sick
Maḥol: dancing
Maḥsĕyah: sheltered of Yah
Maḵbannai: I am built up
Maḵbĕna: built up
Makedonia: extended land
Maḵi: decrease
Maḵir: selling, sold
Maḵnaḏeḇai: what is generosity?
Maḵpĕlah: double, folded
Maḵtĕsh: deep hollow
Mal’aḵi: my messenger
Malkam*: sovereign of greatness
Malki’ĕl: my sovereign is Ĕl
Malkiram: my sovereign is high
Malkishua: my sovereign is salvation
Malkitseḏeq: sovereign of righteousness
Malkiyahu: my sovereign is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Mallothi: I have spoken
Malluḵ: reigning
Mamrĕ: vigor
Manaḥath: rest
Manaḥĕm: comforter
Manowaḥ: restful
Ma’oḵ: oppressed
Ma’on: dwelling
Maqats: cut off, ended
Maqhĕloth: assemblies, congregations
Maqqĕḏah: place of shepherds
Mara/Marah: bitter
Maralah: quaking
Maranatha: our Master is coming
Marĕshah: summit
Markos: defence
Maroth: bitterness
Marsena: worthy
Martha: mistress
Mash: drawn out
Mashal: request
Mashiaḥ: (Messiah) anointed
ha’Mashiaḥ: (Christ*) the Messiah
Mashiaḥiyim: Messianic
Masrĕqah: choice vineyard
Massa: burden
Massah: trial
Matrĕḏ: pursuing
Matri: rainy
Matstsoth: Unleavened Bread
Mattan: gift
Mattanah: present
Mattanyahu: gift of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Mattattah: giving
Mattenai: giving
Mattithyahu: gift of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Mĕ’ah: hundred
Me’arah: cave
Meḇunnai: built up
Meḏan: strife
Meḡiddo / Meḡiddon: place of crowds
Mehĕtab’ĕl / Mehĕtaḇ’ĕl: well pleasing to Ĕl
Meḥiḏa: noble, junction
Meḥir: price
MehumanP: trustworthy
Meḥuya’ĕl: smitten by Ĕl
Mekĕrathite: (weapons) of Mekĕrath
Meḵonah: foundation
Melatyah: deliverance of Yah
Melea: dear friend
Meleḵ: sovereign
Meleḵi: my sovereign
Meliḵu: royal
Melitĕ: honey
MemuḵanP: dignified
Menaḥĕm: comforter
Menaḥtites / Menuḥothite: (rest) of Manaḥath
Menashsheh: causing to forget
Menĕ: measured
Meni*: fortune*, luck*
Menna: portion
Me’onothai: my dwellings
Mĕpha’ath / Mopha’ath: splendour
Mephiḇosheth: dispeller of shame
Mĕraḇ: increase
Merari: my bitterness
Merathayim: bitternesses
Merayah: rebellion to Yah
Merayoth: rebellious
Mereḏ: rebellion
Merĕmoth: heights
Meres: lofty
Meriḇ-Ba’al: strife of Ba’al*
Meriḇah: strife, contention
Meroḏaḵ*: rebellion
Meroḏaḵ-Balaḏan: Meroḏaḵ* has given a son
Mĕrom: high place
Mĕronothite: (rejoicing) of Meronoth
Mĕroz: refuge
Mesheḵ: precious
Meshelemyahu: recompense of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Meshĕyzaḇ’ĕl: delivered of Ĕl
Meshillĕmith / Meshillĕmoth: recompense
Meshoḇaḇ: restored, backslider
Meshuliam: friend
Meshullemeth: friendly
Messenger: Angel*
Methusa’ĕl: man of Ĕl
Methushelaḥ: man of the spear / weapons
Metsoḇayah: found of Yah
Me’unim: dwelling places
Mĕy Yarqon: waters of yellowness
Mĕyḏaḏ: loving, affectionate
Mĕyḏeḇa: waters of rest
Mĕysha: deliverance
Mĕyshaḵ: guest of the sovereign
Mĕy-Zahab: water of gold
Miḇḥar: choice
Miḇsam: fragrant, spice
Miḇtsar: fortress
Middin: contention, strife
Miḏyan: (Midian) contention striving
Miḡdal Ĕl: tower of Ĕl
Miḡdal Gaḏ: tower of Gaḏ
Miḡdol: tower
Miḡron: precipice
Miḵa / Miḵah: who is like Yah?
Miḵa’ĕl: who is like Ĕl?
Mikahu / Mikayahu: who is like 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄?
Miḵal: brook, stream
Miḵmas / Miḵmash: stored up, saved, hidden
Miḵmethath: hiding place
Miḵri: selling
Milalai: my talking, talkative
Milĕtos: fine white wool
Milkah: queen
Milkom*: sovereign of greatness
Minni: division
Minnith: numbering
Minyamin: from the right hand
Miphqaḏ: assignment, command
Miqdash: (Sanctuary) Set-apart Place
Miqdashim: Set-apart Places
Miqloth: rods, staves
Miqnĕyahu: possession of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Mirmah: deceit
Miryam: bitterness, rebellion
Misha’ĕl: who is what Ĕl is?
Mish’al: request
Mish’am: gaze, inspect
Mishkan: (Tabernacle) Dwelling Place
Mishkananoth: Dwelling Places
Mishma: hearing, obeying
Mishmannah: fatness
Mishraite: (spread abroad) of Mishra
Mispar: number
Mispereth: numbering
Misrephoth Mayim: hot waters
Mithnite: (slender) of Methen
Mithqah: sweetness
MithreḏathP: given by Mithra*
Mits’ar: few, small
Mitspah / Mitspĕh: watch-tower
Mitsrayim: (Egypt) defences
MitulĕnĕG: mutilated
Miyamin: from the right hand
Mizzah: fear
MnasonG: remembering
Mo’aḇ: of his father
Mo’aḏyah: appointed time of Yah
Molaḏah: birth
Moleḵ*: sovereign
Moliḏ: bearer
MophE: abode of the good
Mopha’ath: splendour
Mordeḵai: small man
Moreh: archer, teacher, rain
Moresheth: possession
Moriyah: seen of Yah
Mosĕrah: bond
Mosĕroth: bonds
MoshehE: (Moses) taken out, drawn forth
Motsa: going out, fountain
Motsah: drained
Muppim: waving
Mura: myrrh
Mushi: my touch, feel
Musia: land of beech trees
Na’am: fair, pleasant
Na’amah / Na’aman: loveliness, pleasantness
Na’amathite: of Na’amah
Na’arah: young woman
Na’aran: young
Na’arai: youthful
Naḇa: prophesy*/prophesying
Naḇal: fool, senseless
Naḇi: prophet*
Naḇoth: fruits
Naḇu: prophesied
Naḏaḇ: generous
Nahalal / Nahalol: pasture
Naḥali’ĕl: wadi, valley of Ĕl
Naḥam: consolation
Naḥamani: my consolation
Naḥarai: nostrils, snorer
Naḥash: snake, serpent
Naḥath: rest, quiet
Naḥbi: withdrawn, hidden
Naḥor: hoarse, dry, hot
Naḥshon: observer, diviner
Naḥum: comfort
Na’im: pleasantness
Naḵdimon: son of silence
Naḵon: prepared, ready
Na’omi: my delight
Naphish: refreshed
Naphtali: my struggle
Naphtuḥim: openings
NarkissosG: stupidity
Nathan-Meleḵ: gift of the sovereign
Nathan: given, giving
Natsareth: of the branch
Nawith: homes, habitations
Nazirite: consecrated one
Nĕ’ah: shake, tremble
Ne’aryah: child of Yah
Ne’i’ĕl: moved of Ĕl
NeapolisG: new city
Nĕḇai: fruitful
Neḇallat: foolish secrecy
Neḇat: behold, regard
Neḇayoth: fruitfulnesses
Neḇi’im: prophets
Neḇiyah: prophetess
Neḇo*: prophecy
Neḇuah: prophecy
Neḇuḵaḏnetstsar/ Neḇuḵaḏretstsar: Neḇo* protects the crown
Neḇuoth: prophecies
Neḇushazban: Nebo* delivers me
Neḇuzaraḏan: Nebo* has given seed
Neḏaḇyah: volunteered to Yah
Negeḇ: south
Neḥelamite: (dreamer) of Neḥlam
Neḥemyah: comfort of Yah
Neḥum: comforted
Neḥushta: bronze
Neḥushtan*: made of bronze
NeḵoE: lame
Nemu’ĕl: pleasantness of Ĕl
Nepheḡ: sprout
Nephilim: fallen ones
Nephishesim / Nephusim: scatterings
Nephtowah: opening, open
Neqoḏa: marked, distinct
Nĕr: lamp
NĕreusG: boat, float
Nĕrḡal-Sar-Etser: Nergal* is prince of fire
Nĕrḡal*: hero
Nĕri: my lamp
Nĕriyahu: my lamp is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Neta’im: plantations
Nethan’ĕl: given of Ĕl
Nethanyahu: given of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Nethinim: given, offered
Netophah: dropping, prophesying
Netsiḇ: station, garrison
Netsiyaḥ: pre-eminent
Niḇḥaz*: barker
Niḇshan: soft soil
Niger: black
NikanorG: victorious
NikolaitĕnsG: followers of Nikolaos or Nike*
NikolaosG: victory of the people
NikopolisG: victorious city
Nimrah: limpid, clear
Nimrim: clear, limpid
Nimroḏ: rebellion
Nimshi: drawn out
Ninewĕh: abode of Ninus*
Nisan*: flight
Nisroḵ*: great eagle
NoE*: disrupting
No’aḏyah: meeting with Yah
No’ah: motion
Noaḥ: rest, quiet
Noḇ: fruit
Noḇaḥ: bark, yelp
Noḏ: wandering
Noḏaḇ: noble, presented
Noḡah: brightness, shining
Noḥah: rest, quietude
NophE: presentable
Nophaḥ: gust, blast
NumphasL: bridegroom
Nun: posterity
Oḇaḏyahu: servant of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Oḇal: stripped
Oḇĕḏ: servant
Oḇĕḏ-Eḏom: servant of Eḏom
Oḇil: mournful
Oḇoth: water-skins
Oḏĕḏ: repeat
Oḡ: round, cake
Ohaḏ: united
Ohel: tent
Oholah: her tent
Oholiaḇ: tent of his father
Oholiḇah: my tent in her
Oholiḇamah: my tent is exalted
Oḵran: troubled
Olam: eternity
OlumpasG: heavenly
Omar: speaker, eloquent
Omri: heaping
Onam / Onan: strong, vigorous
OnE*: strength, vigour
OnĕsimosG: profitable, useful
OnĕsiphorosG: bringing profit
Ono: strength, might
Ophai: my bird
Ophel: hill, mound
Ophir: reduced to ashes
Ophni: mouldy
Ophrah: fawn
Orĕḇ: raven
Oren: cedar
Ornan: strong cedar
Orpah: gazelle
Osnappar: unhappiness
Othni: forcible
Othni’ĕl: force of Ĕl
Otsem: strengthen
Ozni: my ear, my hearing
Pa’arai: gaping, opening
Paddan Aram: cultivated field, plateau
Paḏon: ransom
Paḡ’i’ĕl: happening of Ĕl
Paḥath-Mo’aḇ: pit of Mo’aḇ
Pai: crying, bleating
Palal: judge, intercede
Pallu: distinguished
Palti: my deliverance
Palti’ĕl: my deliverance is Ĕl
PamphuliaG: of every tribe
Paphos: boiling, hot
Parah: cow, heifer
Paran: ornamental
ParasP: (Persia) pure, splendid
Parbar: open structure
ParmashtaP: superior
ParmenasG: abiding
Parnaḵ: delicate
Parosh: flea
ParshandathaP: given by prayer
Parthian: (pledge) of Parthia
Paruwaḥ: sprout, blossom
Parwayim: ornaments
Pasaḵ: cut off
Pasdammim: hand of bloodshed
Pasĕaḥ: passing over, limping
Pashḥur: freedom
Patara: scattering, cursing
Pathros / PathrusimE: region of the south
Patmos: mortal
PatrobasG: paternal
Pa’u: crying, bleating
PaulusL: small, little
Pe’or: cleft, opening
Pe’ullethai: my works
Peḏah’ĕl: ransomed of Ĕl
Peḏahtsur: ransomed by the Rock
Peḏayahu: redemption of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Pelalyah: entreating Yah
Pelatyahu: delivered of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Pelayah: distinguished of Yah
Peleḡ: division
Pelesheth: (Philistia) land of sojourners
Peleth: swift
Pelishtite: (sojourners) of Pelesheth
Pelonite: (distinct) of Pelon
Peni’ĕl / Penu’ĕl: face of Ĕl
Peninnah: jewel, gem, precious stone
Peqaḥ: opened
Peqaḥyah: seen of Yah
Peqoḏ: visitation
Perath: (Euphrates) fruitfulness
Peratsim: divisions, breaches
Peresh: dung
Perets Uzza: breach of Uzza
Perets: breach, division
PergamosG: height, elevation
PergeG: tower
Periḏa / Peruḏa: separated, dispersed
Perizzite: of Peraz (village)
PersisG: woman of Paras
Pesaḥ: Passover
Pethaḥyah: opened of Yah
Pethor: diviner
Pethu’ĕl: opened of Ĕl
PharaohE: great house
Pharisee: separate
Pharpar: rushing, rapid
PhĕlixL: happy, prosperous
PhiladelphiaG: love of a brother
PhilemonG: friendly, who kisses
PhilĕtosG: amiable, beloved
PhilipposG: (Phillip) a lover of horses
PhilologosG: lover of the Word
Phineḥas / Pineḥas: mouth of a serpent
PhlegonG: burning
PhoibeG: radiant
Phoinikĕ: (Phoenicia) palm trees
PhortunatosG: fortunate
Phrugia: dry, barren
PhugellosG: fugitive
Pi Ḇeseth: mouth of loathing
Pi ha’Ḥiroth: mouth of the caves
Piḵol: mouth of all, every tongue
Pildash: flame of fire
Pilḥa: slicing
Piltai: my deliverance
PilatusL: armed with a spear
Pineḥas: mouth of a serpent
Pinon: darkness
Piram: wild donkey
Pirathon: leadership
Pisgah: cleft, pass
Pishon: dispersive, spreading
Pisidia: pitch, pitchy
Pispah: dispersion
PithomE: city of justice
Pithon: harmless
Poḵereth: entrap
PontiusL: of the sea
PontusL: sea
PopliusL: popular
PorathaP: fruitful
Porkios PhĕstosL: swinelike joy
Poti-PheraE: one whom Ra* gave
PotioloiL: sulfurous springs
PotipharE: of the sun
Priska / PriskillaL: ancient
ProḵorosG: leader of the choir
PtolemaisG: warlike
Pu’ah: brilliance, glitter
PudĕsL: modest
Pul: distinguishing
Punon: distracted, turned
Pur: lot, piece
Purah: bough, branch
Purim: lots, cast lots
Put: (Libya) a bow
Puthite: (hinge) of Puth
PuthonG: divination
Puti’ĕl: afflicted of Ĕl
Puw’ah: blow away, blast
Qaḇtse’ĕl: gathering of Ĕl
Qaḏĕsh: qodesh place
Qaḏĕsh Barnĕa: qodesh place of wandering
Qaḏmi’ĕl: from of old is Ĕl
Qaḏmon: east
Qaḏmonite: of Qaḏmon
Qadosh: (sanctify/sanctified) set-apart
Qadosh One: Set-apart One
Qallai: swift
Qamon: elevation
Qanah: reed
Qarĕaḥ: bald
Qarnayim: horns
Qarqa: floor
Qarqor: foundation
Qartah: city
Qartan: cities
Qattath: smallness
Qayapha: he that seeks with diligence
Qayin: (Cain) possession or possessed
Qĕḏar: dark
Qĕḏemah: precedence
Qeḏĕmoth: beginnings
Qeḏesh: sanctuary
Qehath: assembly
Qehĕlathah: assemblage
Qe’ilah: citadel, fortress
Qĕlayah: despised of Yah
Qelita: crippled
Qemu’ĕl: raised of Ĕl
Qĕnan: nested
Qenath: possession
Qenaz: hunter
Qeren ha’Puḵ: horn of adornment
Qeriyoth: of cities
Qĕros / Qĕyros: ankle
Qesem: divining
Qetsi’ah: cassia
Qetsits: cut off
Qeturah: incense
Qĕynite: of Qayin
Qĕynan: nested, settled
Qĕyros: ankle
Qiḇroth ha’Tta’awah: graves of lust
Qiḇtsayim: gatherings
Qiḏron: darkened, mourned
Qinah: lamentation
Qir: wall
Qir Ḥaraseth / Qir Ḥareseth: wall of potsherds
Qir Ḥeres: wall of potsherd
Qiryath: city
Qiryath Arba / Qiryath ha’Arba: city of the fourth
Qiryath Arim: city of a forest
Qiryath Ba’al: city of Ba’al*
Qiryath Ḥutsoth: city of streets
Qiryath Sannah: city of branches
Qiryath Sĕpher: city of the book
Qiryath Ye’arim: city of forests
Qiryath: buildings, city
Qiryathayim: two cities
Qish: bent
Qishi: bowed
Qishon: hard
Qishyon: hardness
Qitron: incense
Qleophas: renown of my father
Qodesh: (holy*) set-apart
Qodeshah: (holiness) set-apartness
Qodeshi: (saint*) set-apart one
Qodeshim:(saints) set-apart ones
Qlophah: exchange
Qoheleth: convener, preacher
Qolayah: voice of Yah
Qoraḥ: bald
Qorĕ: crier
Qorḥite: of Qorah
Qots: thorn
Qowa: clip off
QuartusL: fourth
Quĕ: bind
Quĕh: bound, twisted
QuiriniusL: warrior
Qushayahu: bow of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Ra’amses / Ra’mesesE: child of the son
Ra’amyah: thunder of Yah
Raḇ-Maḡ / Raḇmaḡ: chief magician, prince
Raḇ-Saris / Raḇsaris: chief of the Eunuchs
Rabbah: great
Rabbi: my teacher
Rabbith: multitude
Raḇshaqĕh: chief cup-bearer
Raddai: my dominion
Raḡu’ĕl: friend of Ĕl
Rahaḇ: proud
Raḥaḇ: broad, wide
Rahaḇ-Hĕm-Sheḇeth: proud and wealthy at rest
Raḥam: compassion
Raḥĕl: (Rachel) ewe
Raka: worthless, senseless
Raḵal: merchant
Ram: high, exalted
Ra’mah: thunder, horses mane
Ramah: high place
Ramath Leḥi: height of the jawbone
Ramath Mitspeh: height of the watchtower
Ramath Neḡeḇ: heights of the south
Ramathayim Tsophim: height of watchtowers
Ramathite: (heights) of Ramath
Ramoth: high places
Ramoth Gil’ad: (rocky) height of Gil’ad
Ramyah: raised of Yah
Rapha / Raphah: heal
Raphu: healed
Raqem / Reqem: embroider, multi-coloured
Raqqath: beach, shoreline
Raqqon: leanness
Re’ayah: seen of Yah
Reḇa: four
Re’ĕlayah: trembling of Yah
Reḡem-Meleḵ: heap of the sovereign
Reḡem: stone-heap
Reḥaḇ’am: enlarged people
Reḥaḇyahu: enlarged of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Reḥoḇ: expanse
Reḥoḇoth: expanses
Reḥoḇoth ha’Nahar: expanses by the river
Reḥoḇoth Ir: expanses of the city
Reḥum: compassion
Rĕ’i: my friend
Rĕḵaḇ: rider
Rĕḵah: tender
Remalyahu: adorned of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Remeth: height
Repha’el: healing of Ĕl
Repha’im: giants, made whole
Repha’ite: (giant) oh Raphah
Rephaḥ: healing breath
Rephayah: healing of Yah
Rephiḏim: resting places
Resen: bridle
Resheph: flame
Retseph: hot stone, burning coal
Retsin: delight, desire
Re’u: a friend
Re’uḇĕn: (Ruben) behold, a son
Re’uw’ĕl: friend of Ĕl
Re’uwmah: elevated, raised
Rezon: prince
RhegiumL: breach, fracture
RhodĕG: rose
RhodosG: rosy
Riḇai: my strife
Riḇlah: fertile
Riḇqah: (Rebecca) captivating
Rimmon: pomegranate
Rimmon*: Syrian deity of wind, rain and storm
Rinnah: shout, rejoicing
Riphath: spoken
Rissah: ruins
Rithmah: broom tree
Ritspah: hot stone, paving stone
Ritsya: delight
Roḏanim: leaders
Roḡelim: walkers, travelers
Rohagah: outcry
Romamti-Ezer: raised up help
RomeL: strength, power
Rosh: head
Ruaḥ ha’Qodesh: (Holy Spirit) Set-apart Spirit
Ruaḥ: Spirit
Ruaḥoth: Spirits
RufusL: red
Rumah: height
Ruth: friend
Saḇta /  Saḇtah: striking
Saḇteḵa: smiting
Sadducees: (Hebrew: tsadiqim) righteous ones
Saḵar: recompense
SalamisG: wave, surge
Salem: peace
Salḵah: walking
Sallai / Sallu / Salu: weighed
Salma: garment
Salmai: my covering
Salmon / SalmonĕG: clothed
Samgar-Neḇo: sword of Neḇo*
Samlah: garment
SamosG: sandy bluff
SamothrakĕG: sign of rags
SanballatP: strength
Sanhedrin: joint session
Sanḥĕriḇ: moon of multiplied brothers
Sansannah: palm branch
Saph: container
Sappirah: Sapphire
Sarah: princess, noblewoman, queen
Sarai: my princess, my lady
Saraph: burn
Sardis: red ones
Sar’etser: prince of fire
Sargon: prince of the sun
Sariḏ: remaining, survivor
Sarseḵim: prince of eunuchs
Satan: adversary
Se’ir / Se’irah: hairy, shaggy
Se’orim: barley
Seḇa: drinker
Seḇa’ites: of Seba
Seḇam: spice, fragrant
Seḏom: burning
Seḡuḇ: raised, exalted
Seḵaḵah: covering, fence, enclosure
Seḵu: watchtower
SekundosL: second
Sela / Selah: rock
Sela ha’Maḥleqoth: rock of divisions
Seleḏ: exultation
Seleukeia: white light
Semaḵyahu: sustained by 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Sena’ah: thorny
Seneh: thorn
Senir: pointed, peak
Senuah: bristled, prickly
Sephar: number
Sepharaḏ: separated
Sepharim / Sepharwayim: two separations
Seraḥ: excess
Seraphim: fiery ones
Serayahu: my ruler is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Sereḏ: tremble, fear
SergiusL-: earth born
Seruḡ: branch, entwine
SewĕnĕhE: seven
Sha’alabbin: place of foxes
Sha’alḇim: fox holes
Sha’albonite: of Sha’alḇim
Sha’alim: foxes
Sha’aph: dividing, debranch
Sha’arayim: double gates
Sha’ashgazP: servant of the lovely
Shabbath: Sabbath
Shabbathoth: Sabbaths
Shaḇuoth: Weeks
Shabbethai: my rest
Shaḏraḵ: royal
Shaḡĕ: error
Shaḥarayim: mornings, double dawn
Shaḥatsimah: proud
Shalĕm: peaceful
Shalishah: third, tripled
Shalleḵeth: felling
Shallum / Shallun: retribution, recompense
Shalman: fire worshipper
Shalmaneser: fire worshipper
Shama: obedient
Shamayim: heaven/s*
Shamgar: sword
Shamhuth: desolation
Shamir: thorn, sharp
Shamlai: my garment
Shamma / Shammah: desolate, astonish
Shammai: my desolation
Shammoth: desolations
Shammua: renowned
Shamsherai: sun-like
Sha’on: uproar, destruction
Shapham: bald
Shaphan: rabbit, rock badger
Shaphat: judge
Shapher: elegant
Shaphir: delightful
Shar’etser: prince of fire
Sharai: my enemy
Sharar: enemy
Sharon: plain, level
Sharuḥen: dwelling of favour
Shashai: whitish, linen
Shashaq: long leg, runner
Sha’ul: asked, requested
Shawĕh: plain
Shawsha: joyful
She’al: asked
She’alti’ĕl: asked of Ĕl
She’ar-Yashuḇ: remnant shall return
She’aryah: opening of Yah
Sheḇa: oath, seven
Sheḇanyahu: increased of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Sheḇarim: breaches, fractures
Sheḇat: rod, staff
Sheḇer: break, fracture
Sheḇnah: growth
Sheḇu’ĕl: captivity of Ĕl
Shedĕy’ur: spreader of light
She’erah: relation, kinswoman
Sheḥaryah: sought of Yah
Sheḵanyahu: dwelling of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Sheḵem: shoulder, back
Shĕlah: request
Shĕlaḥ: sprout
Shelaḥ: throw, spear, weapon, branch
Shelemyahu: peace offering of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Sheleph: extract, drawn out
Shelesh: third, triple
Shelomah: peaceful
Shelomi: my peace
Shelomith: peacefulness
Shelomoh: (Solomon) peace
Shelomoth: peacefully
Shelumi’ĕl: my peace is Ĕl
Shĕm: name, renown
Shem’ĕḇer: illustrious
Shema: hearing
Shema’ah: report
Shemaryahu: guarded by 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Shemayahu: heard by 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Shemer: kept, preserved
Shemiḏa: name of knowledge
Shemiramoth: name of heights
Shemu’ĕl: (Samuel) heard by Ĕl
Shĕn: tooth, crag
Shenatstsar: splendid leader
Shenir: pointed, peak
Shepham: bare
Shephatyahu: judged of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Shephi: my bareness, my baldness
Shepho: his bareness, his baldness
Shephupham / Shephuphan: serpent
Shĕrĕḇyah: scorched of Yah
Sheresh: root
Shĕshai: my lily
Shĕshaḵ: thigh, runner
Shĕshaḵ: fine linen
Shĕshan: lily
Shĕshbatstsar: worshipper of fire
Shĕth: appointed, placed
Shĕthar: star
Shethar-Bozenai: star of splendour
Shĕthur: hidden
Shewa: false
Shiḇah: oath, seven
Shibboleth / Sibboleth: flowing streams, ears of corn
Shiḇmah: spice, fragrance
Shiḡionoth: rambling poem
Shiḥor Liḇnath: dark whiteness
Shiḥor: black, dark
Shikkeron: drunkenness
Shilḥi: my weapon
Shilḥim: weapons
Shillĕm: repaid, recompense
Shiloaḥ: sent
Shiloh: at rest, tranquil
Shiloni: my rest
Shilonite: of Shiloh
Shilshah: triplet, third
Shim’a / Shim’ah: report
Shim’am: report of the people
Shim’ath: report, sound
Shim’i: my renown, my name
Shim’on: (Simeon) heard
Shimon: desert
Shim’on Bar-Yonah: Shim’on son of Yonah
Shimrath: guarding
Shimri: watching
Shimrith: watchful
Shimron Mĕron: guard-post of rebellion
Shimshai: my sunshine
Shimshon: (Samson) sunshine
Shinaḇ: changed father
Shin’ar / Shinar: of two rivers
Shiphi: abundant
Shiphmite: of Shepham
Shiphrah: brightness, lovely
Shiphtan: judicial
Shisha: whitened, marble
ShishaqE: fine linen
Shitrai: my officers
Shittim: thorny, acacia
Shiyon: ruin
Shiza: splendour
Shoḇaḇ: rebellious
Shoḇai: my captivity
Shoḇaḵ: thicket, thick boughs
Shoḇal: overflowing
Shoḇĕq: forsaken
Shoḇi: my captor
Shoḇyah: captive of Yah
Shoham: pale gem, onyx
Shomĕr: keeper
Shomeron: (Samaria) guarded
Shophaḵ: pour, spill
Shophan: hidden, treasure
Shoshannah: lily-like
Showa: rich
Shu’al: jackal, fox
Shuḇa’ĕl: captivity of Ĕl
Shuḥah: pit
Shuḥam: humble
Shuḥite: (bowed) of Shuwaḥ
Shulammite: peaceable
Shumathite: (garlic) of Shumah
Shunĕm: restful
Shuni: my rest
Shuppim: serpents
Shur: wall
Shushan: lily
Shuthelaḥ: rushing breakage
Shuwa: cry, freedom, saving
Shuwaḥ: bowed
Si’a: converse
Si’aha: departing
Sibbeḵai: my weaving
Siḇmah: spice, fragrance
Siḇrayim: hopes
Siddim: fields, plains
Siḥon: sweeping, wipe out
Sikkuth*: covering
SilaL: woody, of the forest
Silla: embankment, mound
Sin: thorn
Sinai: thorny
Sinim: thorns
Siphmoth: bare places
Sippai: spread out, basin
Sirah: depart
Siryon: breastplate, sheeted
Sisera: battle array
Sismai: crane, swallow
Sithri: covering
Sitnah: strife
SiwanP: covering
Siyon: elevation, peak
SkeuaL: left handed
SkuthianG: (Scythian) rude, rough
SmurnaG: myrrh
So: concealed
Soḏi: my confidant
Soḵo / Soḵoh: entwine, bushy
SopatrosG: saved of the Father
Sophereth: writing
Sorĕq: choice vine
SosipatrosG: saved of the Father
SosthenĕsG: savior of the nation
Sotai: turning away
Spania:(Spain) rare
StaḵusG: head of grain
Stephanas / StephanosG: crowned
Suḵath: branches
Suḵathite: of Suḵath
Sukkite: of Sukkoth
Sukkoth: tents, booths
Sukkoth Benoth: tents of daughters
SuntuḵĕG: accident
SuphE: reed
Suphah: whirlwind, storm
Sur: turning aside
Surakousai: Syrian hearing
Suria: (Syria) exalted
Suro-Phoinikĕan: exalted palms
SurtisG: sandbanks
Susi: my horse
Suwaḥ: wipe away, sweeping
T’fillen: phylacteries, frontlets
Ta’anak : sandy
Ta’anath Shiloh: approach to Shiloh
Ta’arĕa: lowly, inferior
Taḇ’ĕrah: burning
Tabba’oth: rings
Tabbath: goodness
Taḇe’ĕl: good Ĕl
Taḇitha: gazelle
Taḇor: mound
Taḇrimmon: good Rimmon*
Taddai: big-hearted, courageous
Taḏmor: palm-tree
Taḥan: camp
Taḥash: antelope
Taḥath: bottom, under
Taḥkemonite: one made skillful, wise
Taḥpanḥes / Taḥpenĕs / TeḥaphneḥesE: hands filled with pity
Taḥrĕa: cunning
Taḥtim Ḥoḏshi: lowest moon
Talmai: my furrow
Talmid: (disciple) taught one
Talmidim: (disciples) taught ones
Talmon: oppressive
Tamar: date palm
Tammuz*: sprout of life
Tanḥumeth: consolation, comfort
Taphath: dropping
Tappuaḥ: apple, apple tree
Taralah: reeling
Tarshish / Tarshishah: topaz, yellow gem
TarsosG: flat basket
TarsusG: armed of Zeus*
Tartan: (military title) a commander
Tartaq*: prince of darkness
Tattenai: gift
Teḇaḥ: slaughter
Teḇalyahu: immersed of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Tĕḇĕth: goodness
Tehillah: psalm
Tehillim: psalms
Teḥinnah: supplication
Tĕl Aḇiḇ: mound of ears of corn
Tĕl Ḥarsha: mound of the craftsman
Tĕl Melah: mound of salt
Telḥ: severed, breach
Tela’im: lambs
Telassar: hill of gladness
Telem: oppression
Tĕma: desert
Temaḥ/Tĕmaḥ: laughter
Tĕman: south
Tĕmeni: southern
Teqal: weighed
Teqowa: trumpet
Teraḥ: destitute
Teresh: strict
TertiusL: third
TertullusL: triple hardened
Thĕḇĕts: whiteness
TheophilosG: Elohim’s friend
ThessalonikĕG: victory of falsity
ThuatiraG: odour of affliction
Tiḇḥath: slaughterings
Tiḇni: my straw
Tid’al: fearfulness
Tiḡlath-Pileser: uncover the bond
Timai: unclean, defiled
Timna / Timnah: restraint
Timnah / Timnath / Timnathah: portion
Timnath Ḥeres: portion of the sun
Timnath Seraḥ: portion of excess
TimonG: honorable, valuable
TimotheosG: (Timothy) honouring Elohim
Tiphsaḥ: passage, pass over
Tiqwah: hope
Tiras: desire
Tirathite: (gates) of Tirath
Tireya: fearful
Tirḥanah: favoured
Tirhaqah: inquirer
Tirtsah: acceptable, pleasing
Tishbite: (captivity) of Tesheb
Titzite: (go) of Titsi
TitusL: nurse
Toḇ: good, goodness
Toḇaḏoniyah: my good master Yah
Toḇiyahu: my good is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Toḏah: thanks
Toḡarmah: you will break her
Toḥu: lowly
To’i: stray, wander
Toḵen: measure, quantity
Tola: worm, scarlet
Tolaḏ: descendant
To’ma: (Thomas) twin
Tophel: quagmire
Topheth: place of fire
Toqhath: obedience
Torah: Teaching, Law
Torot: Teachings, Laws
To’u: wander, stray
Towaḥ: humble
TraḵonitisG: rocky, rough
TroasG: (penetrated) of Troy
Trogullion: cache, stored
TrophimosG: nutritious
TruphainaG: luxurious, delicate
TruphosaG: luxuriating
Tuḇal-Qayin: brought possession
Tuḇal: to be brought
TuḵikosG: by chance
Tulon: elevate
Tummim: perfections
TurannosG: tyrant, ruler
Tsa’anan: sheep, migrate
Tsa’anannim: migrations
Tsa’anayim: migrations
Tsaḏoq: righteous
Tsa’ir: little
Tsalaph: wound
Tsalmon: shady
Tsalmonah: shady
Tsalmunna: shade withheld
Tsaphnath Pa’nĕaḥE: treasury of glorious rest
Tsaphon: north, dark
Tsarephath: refinery
Tsarethan: pierced
Tseḇayim / Tseḇoyim / Tseḇo’im: gazelles
Tseḏaḏ: side
Tsela: limping
Tselapheḥaḏ / Tselophḥaḏ: born first
Tseleq: split, fissure
Tseltsaḥ: bright shadow
Tsemarayim: woolen fleeces
Tsemarite:  of Tsemarayim
Tsenan: pointed
Tsephanyahu: treasured of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Tsephath: watchtower
Tsephathah: watchtower
Tsephi: my watcher
Tsepho: watcher
Tsephon: dark, hidden
Tsĕr: distress
Tserĕḏah: pierced
Tserĕḏathah: piercings
Tserĕrah: pierce
Tsereth: splendour
Tsereth Shaḥar: splendor of the dawn
Tseri: crack, leak
Tseror: bundle
Tseru’ah: leprous
Tseruyah: pain or tribulation of Yah
Tsiḇa: station
Tsiḇ’on: coloured
Tsiḇya / Tsiḇyah: gazelle, roe deer
Tsiddim: sides
Tsiḏon: hunting, fishing
Tsiḏqiyahu: righteousness of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Tsiḥa: parched, drought
Tsillah: shadow
Tsillethai: my shadow
Tsin: prick
Tsi’or: smallness
Tsiphyon: watchman
Tsippor / Tsipporah: bird, sparrow
Tsiqlaḡ: winding
Tsits: flower
Tsitsit: tassels
Tsiyon: monument, waymark
Tso’anE: place of departure
Tso’ar: little, small
Tsoḇa / Tsoḇah: station
Tsoḇĕḇah: canopy
Tsoḥar: whiteness
Tsophaḥ: expand
Tsophai: my honeycomb
Tsophar: departing early
Tsophim: watchers
Tsor: sharp stone
Tsorah / Tsor’ah: hornet
Tsu’ar: little, small
Tsuph: honeycomb
Tsur: stone, rock
Tsurĕy ha’Ye’Ĕylim: rocks of wild goats
Tsuri’ĕl: my rock is Ĕl
Tsurishaddai: my rock is the Almighty
U’ĕl: desire of Ĕl
Uḵal: devoured
UlaiP: my leaders
Ulam: dumb, solitary
Ulla: yoke
Ummah: union, close
Unni: afflicted
Upharsin: divided
Uphaz: reduced to ashes
Ur-Kasdim: light of Kesed
Ur: flame, light
UrbanusL: of the city
Uri: my light
Uri’ĕl: my light is Ĕl
Urim: lights
Uriyahu: my light is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Uthai: my assistance
Uts: counsel
Uzai: my strength
Uzal: flooded
Uzzah: strength
Uzzen She’erah: broadening of the kinswoman
Uzzi: my strength
Uzzi’ĕl: my strength is Ĕl
Uzziya / Uzziyahu: my strength is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Wahĕḇ: come now
Wanyah: answered of Yah
Washni: my keeper
WashtiP: beautiful
Wayezatha: sprinkling the chamber
Weḏan: and Dan
Wophsi: my addition
Ya’ala: ascending, a little doe or goat
Ya’anai: I am answered
Ya’aqan: torturous
Ya’aqoḇ: (Jacob / James) heel holder, supplanter
Ya’aqoḇah: supplanter, deceiver, the heel
Ya’areshyah: the bed of Yah, taken of Yah
Ya’arĕy-Oreḡim: forest of weavers
Ya’asi’ĕl: my maker is Ĕl
Ya’asu: they will do
Ya’azanyahu: heard of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Ya’azi’ĕl: emboldened of Ĕl
Ya’aziyahu: emboldened of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yaḇal: a stream
Yabboq: pouring forth: as a river
Yaḇĕsh: dryness, ashamed
Yaḇĕsh Gil’aḏ: dry rock
Yaḇĕts: sorrow, grieved
Yaḇin: he that understands
Yaḇne’ĕl: built of Ĕl
Yaḇneh: built up
Yaḏa: to know
Yaddu: praised
Yaddua: knowing
Yaḏon: thankful, hands raised
Ya’ĕl: a wild goat, agile
Yaḡur: stranger, sojourning
Yah: abbreviation of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yaḥath: unity
Yahats / Yahatsah: stamped, threshing floor
Yaḥazi’ĕl: seen of Ĕl
Yahdai: Yah will place
Yaḥdi’ĕl: unity of Ĕl
Yaḥdo: his unity
Yaḥle’ĕl: waiting on Ĕl
Yaḥmai: hot, making warm
Yaho’addah: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has adorned
Yaho’addan / Yaho’addin: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is pleased
Yaho’aḥaz: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has seized
Yaho’ash: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 burns
Yahoḥanan: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has favoured
Yahonaḏaḇ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is willing
Yahonathan: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has given
Yahoram: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is exalted
Yahosĕph: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has added
Yahoshaḇ’ath: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 oath
Yahoshaphat: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is judge
Yahosheḇa: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has sworn
Yahoshua: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 delivers
Yahotsaḏaq: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is righteous
Yahoyaḏa / Yoyaḏa: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 knows
Yahoyaḵin: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 establishes
Yahoyaqim: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 raises up
Yahoyariḇ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 contends
Yahozaḇaḏ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has endowed
Yahtsah: stamped, trodden
Yaḥtse’ĕl / Yaḥtsi’ĕl: divided by Ĕl
Yahu: he who exists
Yahuḏ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is praised
Yahuḏah: (Judah / Jude / Judas) 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 be praised
Yahuḏi: (Jew/Jewish) 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is my praise
Yahuḏim: Jews
Yahuḏith: (Judith) 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 be praised
Yahuḏiyah: my praise of Yah
Yahuḵal: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is able
Yaḥzĕrah: enclosed, protected
Yaḥzeyah: seen of Yah
Ya’ir: my light, enlightened
Yakan: oppressing
Yaḵin: he will establish
Ya’lam: hidden, secret
Yalon: lodging
Yamin: right hand
Yamlĕḵ: reigning
Yanah: afflict, oppress
Yanim: sleeping
Yanoḥah: quiet, rested
Yanowaḥ: resting
Yaphah: lovely
Yaphiya: shining
Yaphlĕt: delivering
Yapho: beautiful
Yaqeh: obedient
Yaqim: rising
Yarah: forest
Yardĕn: (Jordan River) descending
Yarĕḇ: striving
YarḥaE: month of sweeping away
Yariḇ: striving
Yarmuth: heights
Yaroḇ’am: striving of the people
Yarowaḥ: moon
Yesar’ĕlah: upright Ĕlah
Yashar: (Jasher) upright, right
Yashĕn: sleeping
Yashoḇ’am: return of the people
Yashuḇ: he will return
Yashuḇi-Leḥem: returner of bread
YasonG: he that heals
Yathni’ĕl: endurance of Ĕl
Yattir: abundant
Yawan: (Greece) wine
Yawanite: Greek
Ya’zĕr: helpful
Yaziz: prominent
Ye’arim: forests
Ye’atherai: stepping
Yeḇereḵyahu: blessed of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yeḇus: threshing
Yeḏayah: the hand of Yah
Yeḏiḏah: beloved
Yeḏiḏeyah: beloved of Yah
Yeḏiya’ĕl: known / knowledge of Ĕl
Yeḏuthun: praiseworthy
Yeḡar Sahaḏutha: heap of witness
Yehallel’ĕl: praise Ĕl
Yeḥdeyahu: unity of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yeḥezqĕl: strength of Ĕl
Yeḥi’ĕl: living Ĕl
Yeḥi’ĕli: my Ĕl lives
Yeḥiyah: living Yah
Yeḥizqiyahu: strength of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yeḥubbah: hidden
Ye’i’ĕl: swept away by Ĕl
Yeḵolyahu: ability of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yeḵonyahu: established of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yemimah: warm as the day
Yemu’ĕl: day of Ĕl
Yepheth: opened, enlarged
Yephunneh: turning toward, facing
Yeqaḇtse’ĕl: assembling of Ĕl
Yeqam’am rising of the people
Yeqamyah: rising of Yah
Yequthi’ĕl: obedience to Ĕl
Yearḥ: the moon, month
Yearḥme’ĕl: compassion of Ĕl
Yereḏ: (Jared) descend
Yerĕmai: my exaltation
Yerĕmoth/Yerimoth: exaltations
Yeri’ĕl: taught of Ĕl
Yeriḇai: my strife
Yeriḥo: his moon
Yeriyahu: taught of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yeriyoth: curtains, breakages
Yeroḥam: compassionate
Yeru’ĕl: taught of Ĕl
Yerubba’al: let Ba’al* defend his cause
Yerubbesheth: strife of shame
Yerusha/Yerushah: possession
Yerushalayim: (Jerusalem) teaching of peace
Yeshayahu: (Isaiah) salvation of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yeshanah: old
Yesheḇ’aḇ: dwelling of the father
Yĕsher: right, straight
Yeshishai: my old one
Yeshoḥayah: emptied of Yah
Yĕshua: salvation
Yeshurun: upright one
Yesimi’ĕl: appointed of Ĕl
Yether: abundance
Yethĕth: nail
Yĕtser: formed
Yetur: enclosed
Ye’u’ĕl: taken away of Ĕl
Ye’ush: assembler
Ye’uts: counsellor
Yezanyahu: heard of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yezaw’ĕl: sprinkled of Ĕl
Yiḇḥar: chosen
Yiḇle’am: devouring people
Yiḇneyah / Yiḇniyah: building of Yah
Yiḇsam: fragrant, spice
Yiḏalah: memorial of Yah
Yiḏbash: honey-like
Yiḏlaph: weeping
Yiḡ’al: redeemer
Yiḡdalyahu: greatness of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yimla/Yimlah: full
Yimna/Yimnah: right hand, prosperity
Yimrah: exchanging
Yiphdeyah: redemption of Yah
Yiphtaḥ: opening
Yiphthaḥ Ĕl: opened of Ĕl
Yiriyah: reverence of Yah
Yirmeyahu:(Jeremiah) exaltation of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yiron: fearfulness
Yirpe’ĕl: healing of Ĕl
Yishai: gift, oblation, one who is
Yishbaḥ: he praises
Yishbaq: he releases
Yishbo Benoḇ: he dwells in Noḇ
Yishi: he saves me
Yishma: desolation
Yishma’ĕl: (Ishmael) Ĕl that hears
Yishmayahu: heard by 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yishmerai: guarded
Yishpan: he hides
Yishshiyahu: borrowed 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yishwah: he will level
Yishwi: my equal
Yiskah: observant
Yismaḵyahu: sustained by 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yispah: he is bare
Yisra’ĕl: (Israel) overcoming with Ĕl
Yissasḵar: (Issachar) brought reward
Yithlah: hanging
Yithmah: orphan
Yithnan: extensive
Yithra / Yithrah: excellence
Yithran: excellent
Yithre’am: excellence of the people
Yithrite: of Yether
Yithro: his abundance
Yitsḥaq: (Issac) laughter
Yitshar: oil
Yitsri: my fashioner
Yizli’ah: drawn up
Yizraḥite: of Zeraḥ
Yizraḥyah: rising of Yah
Yizre’ĕl: sown of Ĕl
Yizziyah: sprinkling of Yah
Yo’aḇ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is father
Yo’aḥ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is a brother
Yo’aḥaz: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has seized
Yo’ash: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄’s fire
Yoḇ: howl
Yoḇaḇ: cry out
Yobĕl: Jubilee
Yo’ĕl: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is ĔI
Yo’ĕlah: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is Ĕlah
Yoḡbehah: exalted
Yoḡli: he is exalted
Yoḥa: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 gives life
Yoḥanah: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has favoured
Yoḥanan: (John) 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has favoured
YoḥaneE: troubled
Yoḵeḇeḏ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is esteemed
Yom: Day
Yom ha’Kippurim: Day of Atonement
Yom Teruah: Day of Trumpets
Yonaḏaḇ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is willing
Yonah: (Yonah) a dove
Yonam: multiplying of the people
Yonathan: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has given
Yoqḏe’am: burning of the people
Yoqim: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 raises
Yoqme’am: raising of the people
Yoqne’am: lament of the people
Yoqshan: snare
Yoqtan: diminish
Yoqthe’ĕl: obedience of Ĕl
Yorah: teach, throw
Yorai: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has taught me
Yoram: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is exalted
Yorim: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has exalted
Yorqe’am: emptied people
Yosĕph: (Joseph) 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has added
Yoshah: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 makes equal
Yoshaphat: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is judge
Yoshawyah: equaled of Yah
Yoshbeqashah: dwelling in harshness
Yoshĕḇ Bashsheḇeth: sitting in ambush
Yoshiḇyah: dwelling of Yah
Yoshiyahu: founded of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Yosiphyah: increase of Yah
Yotḇathah: pleasantness
Yoteḇah: pleasing
Yotham: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is perfect
Yotsaḏaq: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is righteous
Yow’ĕḏ: assemble
Yow’ezer: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is help
Yoyaḏa: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 knows
Yoyaqim: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is rising
Yoyariḇ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 contends
Yozaḇaḏ: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has endowed
Yozaḵar: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 remembered
Yuḇal: flowing, stream
Yuḵal: 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is able
YuliaL: of Jupiter*
YuliosL: of Jupiter*
YuniasL: of Juno*
Yushaḇ-Ḥeseḏ: return of favour
YustosL: just or upright
Yuttah: stretched out
Za’awan: troubled
Zaḇaḏ: presented
Zabbai: pure
Zabbuḏ / Zaḇuḏ: given
Zaḇdai: giving
Zaḇdi: my endowment
Zaḇdi’ĕl: my gift of Ĕl
Zaham: loathing
Zakkai: pure
Zakkur: mindful
Zamzummim: (planners) of Zamam
Zanowaḥ: cast off
Zattu: olive tree
Zaza: prominent
Zeḇaḏyahu: endowment of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Zeḇaḥ: slaughtering
Zeḇiḏah: endowed
Zeḇina: bought
Zeḇul: dwelling
Zeḇulun: habitation, dwelling
Ze’ĕḇ: wolf
Zeḵaryahu: remembered of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄
Zeḵer: remembrance
Zemirah: song
ZĕnasG: Zeus* has given
Zeraḥ: shining, rising
Zeraḥyah: shining of Yah
Zereḏ: exuberant growth
ZereshP: gold
Zerubbaḇel: descended of Baḇel
Zĕtham / Zĕthan: olive
ZĕtharP: star
ZeusG*: bright, heaven, living
Zikri: my remembrance
Zilpah: trickling
Zimmah: schemer
Zimran: musician
Zimri: my music
Zina: well fed
Ziph / Ziphah: flowing
Ziphron: fragrance
Ziw: brightness
Ziya: sweat, swelling
Ziza: prominent
Zizah: prominence
Zoḥeleth: crawling, serpent
Zoḥĕth: releasing
Zuzim: roaming ones