1 And when I came into Haḡar in Sarah’s bed, she conceived.

2 And when Haḡar saw that she had conceived, she rejoiced greatly and began to be lifted up in pride and to despise Sarah and she taunted Sarah, saying, Surely I am better than thee for in all the years aḏonai hath lain with thee, thou hast not conceived, but lo, in this short time, I have conceived from the seed of my aḏonai .

3 And Sarah was grieved in her heart and she said unto me, Surely Haḡar hath wronged me and thou also hast contributed to her wrong, for she hath spoken despitefully to me in thy presence, yet thou hast done nothing to correct her.

4 But I replied to Sarah, Surely Haḡar is thy child for thou hast instructed her from her youth.

5 Correct her, therefore, as seemeth thee good.