1 At the end of thirteen years, 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 appeared unto me and He said unto me, Aḇraham, because thou hast been faithful in all things unto me from the time thou wast three years old, and behold, now thou art ninety and nine, therefore, I will establish My Covenant with thee for with thee I shall commence a new dispensation of the Besorah that from this time forth all those who would be sealed into Me must be sealed into thee.

2 Wherefore, I will send Noaḥ unto thee in the Mishkan, and he will bestow upon thee the keys of this kehunnah, for the city of Malkitseḏeq will I take up from off the earth and there will be a new beginning in thee.

3 For I will greatly multiply thy seed and I will make them my ministers that through thy kehunnah all the peoples of the earth shall be baruḵ.

4 Therefore, from this time forth shall every male child among you be circumcised in that his foreskin shall be opened in token of the opening of his heart to the light of the Besorah.

5 And on the eighth day shall ye do it that ye may remember that on the eighth day they shall be immersed that the beraḵah of the Besorah may come upon them.

6 This is according to the Covenant I made with Aḏam in the garden Ĕḏen, but I instructed Noaḥ and Shĕm not to administer this Covenant unto thee that thou mightiest receive it in token of this new Covenant which I make with thee.

7 Although I gave these ordinances in the beginning unto Aḏam, yet the sons of men have continually gone astray from my precepts and have not kept My ordinances which I gave unto their fathers.

8 They have neglected the ordinance of immersion which I commanded unto them in token of the burial of the natural man and have ceased to receive the anointing whereby they become sovereigns and kohĕn unto me

9 Yea, they have turned from My Commandments and changed My ordinances and have replaced immersion with the washing of children which they call immersion .

10 But, behold, this is no baptism, for I will atone for the fall of Aḏam; wherefore, little children are innocent until they reach the age of accountability.

11 But the sons of men have rejected My atonement wherein I will offer My Only Begotten Bĕn for the sins of the world, for they say that the blood of righteous Heḇel as shed for sins, thereby rejecting Me as their Savior.

12 But thou hast upheld My ordinances. Therefore, thy seed shall sprinkle all nations, for thou shalt be a father of many nations.

13 And thou shalt be fruitful and many nations shall come of thee and sovereigns of nations shall be of thy seed.

14 Moreover, ye shall not cut yourselves in your foreskins after the manner of the heathen, for this is the lesser law and applieth only to those who have had part of the Besorah cut off from that which they have received.

15 But your hearts are opened to the fullness of My Besorah wherefore your foreskins shall be opened.

16 For if it were profitable for you to be without a foreskin, then would your father beget you in your mother without a foreskin.

17 Take not away what Elohim hath given.

18 But let your foreskins be opened, for this is the true circumcision and it will be profitable unto you as a covenant written in your flesh, which shall be an everlasting Covenant.

19 Your daughters also shall be circumcised upon the marriage bed when the matrix is opened by the entrance of her husband, for this is a qodesh ordinance, and it is completed at the birth of her first-born; wherefore it is written that the first-born which openeth the matrix is qodesh because it is an instrument in the performance of a qodesh ordinance.

20 Now, go into the Mishkan and fast and pray until Noaḥ cometh to bestow upon thee the keys of which I have spoken.