1 When they had eaten, one of the qodesh men said unto me, We shall return to thee nine months hence, and behold, at that time Sarah shall bear a son.

2 Now, Sarah was listening at the door of the tent, and when she heard these words, she laughed within herself, knowing that she was past the age of bearing and I also was very old.

3 But the qodesh man of Elohim rebuked her, saying, Is anything too hard for 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄?

4 Surely when we return here nine months hence, thou shalt bear a son.

5 Whereupon the three qodesh men of Elohim entered with me into Sarah’s tent and baraḵ her.

6 And the Ruaḥ ha’Qodesh fell upon Sarah in mighty power in the beraḵah and she conceived according to the word of the man of Elohim.