1 But I remained a long time where they had departed from me thinking on the things they had said, for it grieved my heart that these great cities with all their inhabitants should be destroyed.

2 Wherefore, I, too, went down to the vicinity of Seḏom and I called upon the Name of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 there.

3 And when He answered me out of the shamayim, I said unto Him, O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Elohim, merciful and kind, wilt thou destroy the inheritances of the righteous because of the wicked?

4 Nay, O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, far be it from Thee to do this thing. Wilt Thou not spare the inheritances of the righteous?

5 Peradventure there may be fifty righteous in the city, wilt Thou in thine anger destroy the city and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous that are in it?

6 Surely Thou wilt not destroy the inheritances of the righteous because of the wicked.

7 Such a judgment should never be passed according to the justice of Thine Qodesh Torah which is in Thy bosom.

8 And 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 said, If I find in these cities fifty righteous who keep the Torah and precepts of Elohim and  have not partaken of the abominations of the Seḏomites, then surely I will spare the whole country for their sake.