1 This is the account which Lot told unto me, Aḇraham, concerning the coming of the three messengers unto him in Seḏom.

2 For Lot was sitting in the door of his house in the city of Seḏom conversing with two of his sons-in-law who were Seḏomites, when he saw three men approaching down the street of the city.

3 And the Ruaḥ of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 whispered unto Lot, Behold these are My messengers who bring tiding of deliverance.

4 Lot, therefore, rose up to meet them and bowing down before them, said, Behold now, my masters, turn in, I pray you, into your servant’s house and tarry all night that I may wash your feet and anoint your heads and feed you, and in the morning ye may go on leaving only a beraḵah upon the head of your servant.

5 And they said, Nay, but we will abide in the street tonight for we have heard that it is not safe to enter into the house of a Seḏomite lest we be abused and tortured and killed and our property stolen from us.

6 But Lot replied, Not so, my masters, for I am no Seḏomite, but a true worshiper of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 and I know that ye are His messengers for His Ruaḥ hath shown me this thing.

7 Then, when Lot had confessed his faith in 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, the messengers entered with him into his house and he did set before them a feast with unleavened bread and wine and they baraḵ it and partook thereof and Lot’s family also partook and were filled.