1 When morning came, the men of Elohim hastened Lot saying, Arise, take thy wives and thy daughters who are here with thee in the house and depart hence lest ye be consumed by the wrath of Elohim which shall be visited upon the iniquities of Seḏom.

2 And while they were preparing to depart, Lot’s heart being full of sorrow at leaving his daughters and his daughters’ children to be destroyed, the men of Elohim took him by the hand with his wives and his daughters, for 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 had mercy upon Lot because of his integrity, because he had not bowed down unto false mighty ones nor entered into the abominations of Seḏom.

3 And Lot thought to dwell in Tso’ar; wherefore, he hastened there, but his wife Ado turned back unto the city of Seḏom.

4 Ado was the daughter of Ĕli, the son of Eli’ezer, which Ĕli had accompanied Lot to Seḏom.

5 And Ado thought upon her parents and her daughters who remained in the city, her heart was pained within her and she turned back unto them and was lost.

6 But Lot entered with the rest of his family into Tso’ar and was there when the cities of the plains were overthrown.