1 And Yitsḥaq slept with us that night and Sarah kissed and embraced him and instructed him until morning.

2 And she said to him, O my son, how can my soul separate itself from thee?

3 And she still kissed and embraced him until the time of preparation had come.

4 Then Sarah took a beautiful and costly robe from among those which Aḇimeleḵ had given her, for Aḇimeleḵ had loved Sarah greatly and had given her many precious things, but his love toward her was pure in the sight of Elohim and according to the laws of the shamayim.

5 With this robe which had never been worn, Sarah clothed Yitsḥaq and put a turban upon his head in which she wrapped a precious stone.

6 And she said unto him, Even this stone art thou precious unto me, my son.

7 Nevertheless, I would have thee so conduct thy life that when 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 shall come to gather up his jewels, thou wilt be among the number.