1 Thus did Noaḥ take to wife Na’amah, the daughter of Tsillah, the wife of Lemeḵ of the seed of Qayin, and she bare him a son whom he named Ḥam, and thus was the curse preserved in the land through the great flood.

2 For when the patience of Elohim was ended in which He did grant a space of time for repentance unto the sons of men, the floods came in upon the earth and destroyed all flesh from off the face of the earth save eight souls only, for Noaḥ and his youngest wife Aḏah, and his three sons Shĕm, Yepheth, and Ḥam and one of each of their wives were preserved in the ark which the messengers had instructed Noaḥ in building.

3 The remainder of the righteous had died or been caught up into Ḥanoḵ’s city prior to the time of the flood, and these eight were saved.