1 I, Aḇraham, was born the son of Teraḥ who was Prime Minister to Nimroḏ who reigned in Ur of the Kasdim.

2 Now this Nimroḏ was a wicked man and an idolater and my father – Teraḥ – was led to follow after his abominations.

3 Moreover, Nimroḏ was a man of mighty power for he was Master Mahan and had in his hands the secrets of the ancients as they had come down from Qayin wherein he knew the words of power and the signs for using them and he had the qodesh garments which had been given unto Aḏam in the garden in which was great power.

4 All of this power did Nimroḏ use to get gain after the manner of the secret combination.

5 With his power he had set out to build a tower which would reach to the shamayim, even the city of my father Ḥanoḵ which had been taken up, that he, Nimroḏ, might depose Elohim from His throne for Elohim had taken up His abode among the people of Ḥanoḵ.

6 But Elohim frustrated the plans of Nimroḏ by confounding the language of him and his people that they could no longer remember the sacred words and they scattered forth over the face of the earth.

7 At that time Nimroḏ came and established the city of Ur which is the City of Light, for he yet retained his determination to build a city to rival the city of Elohim that the light and power might center in him.

8 And through the ministration of Satan he did receive again some of the words of power and did reorganize the secret combination among his people; but he had not power as at the first for the fullness of the pure language was not restored to him according to the decree of the Most High Elohim.

9 Now, in all the wickedness of Nimroḏ, my father stood by his side for he was deceived by the subtle cunning and power which Nimroḏ possessed.