1 Among those who went forth from the city of Shalom was Peleḡ, who traveled to the northwest and established a city after the order of his father Noaḥ, for Peleḡ was the son of Ĕḇer, the son of Shelaḥ, the son of Arpaḵshaḏ, the son of Shĕm; and his people sought after the of order of the shamayim and obtained it for they were caught up like the City of Ḥanoḵ.

2 But Seruḡ, the son of Re’u, the son of Peleḡ, followed not after the way of his fathers, for he sought after gain for himself; wherefore, he led those who were of a like mind with himself out from the City of Peleḡ and they journeyed even unto the land of Shin’ar and became confederate with Nimroḏ.

3 Under the direction of Nimroḏ, Seruḡ and his companions entered into the secret combination and became men of power and wealth in Nimroḏ’s reign.

4 In the land of Shin’ar, Seruḡ begat Naḥor, and Naḥor begat Teraḥ, my father.

5 And Teraḥ became great in the eyes of Nimroḏ, and Nimroḏ elevated him over all his people to stand at his right hand and advise him on all matters.