1 On the night that I was born, there were great signs in the shamayim, and when Nimroḏ’s astrologers saw them, they were astonished and they spake evil of me to the sovereign, saying that surely I should overthrow his reign.

2 Wherefore, they counseled the sovereign to purchase me of my father that they might slay me and thus frustrate the plans of Elohim.

3 Sovereign Nimroḏ thereupon sent for my father, Teraḥ, and spake unto him of the words of the astrologers and asked for his son in return for a great sum of gold and silver.

4 But the Ruaḥ of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 wrought upon my father that he was loathe to give me up to the sovereign.

5 On the night that I was born, a son was also born unto one of my father’s concubines and this child my father took unto the sovereign and the sovereign slew him in my stead, for thus had Elohim ordained that I might grow up to serve Him, the only wise and true Elohim, and strive to establish His order in the earth all my days.