1 In my fiftieth year, father Shĕm called me into his presence and instructed me to return to the house of my father, for there were many there now who were seeking after light and truth for they had seen the foolishness of worshipping mighty ones of wood and stone, but they knew not where to find the true Elohim.

2 And Father Shĕm baraḵ me saying, Baruḵ art thou Aḇram of the Most High Elohim for He hath looked upon thee and found thine heart right before Him.

3 For this cause, the Most High shall visit thee and thou shalt stand at the head and be the father of a multitude, for many nations shall spring forth from thy loins.

4 Behold, in thy father’s house dwelleth she to whom the promises belong, for she is a princess in the house of the Most High and shall reign as a queen over thy posterity forever.

5 Seek after her and take her to wife for she will be the mother of the promised seed.

6 The bireḵoth of the Elohim of Noaḥ attend thee, my son, as thou journey on thy way for, from this time forth, thou shalt be a wanderer in the earth until thy seed shall come in to inherit this land by the power of Elohim and the sword of His might.

7 Be faithful always, preach the truth in soberness and be valiant in the cause of Elohim, and thou shalt be baruḵ forevermore. Amĕn.