1 With this beraḵah resting upon me, I gathered together my family, for I had taken seven wives in the city of Shalom who had borne me fifty daughters.

2 And although I had no sons of mine own flesh, yet I had adopted twelve sons of those who were faithful to the Order of the Ancients and foremost among these was Eli’ezer of Dammeseq who had come to the city of Shalom seeking after the bireḵoth of the Fathers and had remained as my son.

3 Him I appointed as steward over all I possessed for this journey, for he stood as my heir for I loved him as my son and brother.

4 But Father Shĕm said unto me, Eli’ezer is a good and righteous man and he shall be greatly baruḵ in time and in eternity, but he shall not be thine heir, for another shall be thine heir who shall come forth from the womb of thy wife whom thou shall take in the house of thy father, for she is ordained to be thy queen of queens and the mother of thine heir.

5 Wherefore, as I have said, I gathered together my wives and my daughters and my adopted sons and their wives and children and I said unto them, Hear my words, beloved and hearken unto my speech, for I have been sent with a mission unto the house of my father in the land of Shin’ar to gather out the pure in heart who are seeking after the true Elohim.

6 Gather together all your goods and make you tents in which to dwell and saddle your donkeys to travel upon for the Most High Elohim hath declared that we shall be wanderers upon the earth from this time forth until our seed shall come in to inherit this land by the power of Elohim and the sword of His might.