1 Being led by the Ruaḥ of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, I found my father’s house, and entering the gate, addressed the guard who was standing there, saying, Behold, I am Aḇram, son of Teraḥ, who hath spent these forty years in the house of Shĕm.

2 Take me now to my father.

3 The guard stood as one dumbfounded, knowing not what to make of such a greeting, but at length called a boy whom he dispatched to locate my father.

4 At length the lad returned, followed closely by my father who was greatly surprised to see me, but who recognized me as his son by the inspiration of the Ruaḥ of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄.

5 By this time my arrival had caused great excitement throughout my father’s household, which was very large, and my mother, having heard of my coming, hastened to the place where we were, weeping and rejoicing for she had thought that I had wandered from the cave and been slain by wild beasts in the wilderness.

6 At length she led me away to her chamber to talk with me and I told her of all that had transpired with me since my leaving the cave of my being led by the messenger to the city of Shalom, of being instructed under the direction of Shĕm, of the increase of my family and of the mercies of the true Elohim of the shamayim exercised in my behalf.

7 I talked to her of the futility of worshipping mighty ones of wood and stone made by men’s hands which have no power in them and of the Order of the Ancients which was preserved in the city of Shalom under Noaḥ and Shĕm which I had been sent to proclaim in the great city of Ur.