1 My mother heard all my words and rejoiced in them for she was one whose heart had been turned from the worship of mighty ones to the worship of the unknown Elohim.

2 Moreover, a small body of like believers numbering about one hundred souls met secretly in my father’s house to worship the unseen Elohim and pray for further light concerning His Ways, among whom were my brother Haran, with his son Lot and his daughters Milkah and Sarai, and my brother Naḥor.

3 Now, when my mother had heard my words, she bade me remain with her until evening when the believers were to meet in her rooms.

4 Wherefore, that night I met with those who had rejected the idolatry of their fathers and they were all of the seed of those who had come out from the city of Peleḡ.

5 Wherefore, I rehearsed unto them all the things I had told unto my mother and they likewise rejoiced therein.

6 But unto my father I spake not of these things at this time for he was yet privy to Nimroḏ and was steeped in his evil ways.