1 When I had dwelt in my father’s house for seven days teaching the word of ḥai unto the believers, I went unto my father as he sat in his outer court with his servants attending to affairs of state.

2 And when he would hear me, I said unto him, father, where is the Elohim who created the shamayim and earth and all the hosts of them?

3 My father Teraḥ answered me and said, Behold, my son, those mighty ones who created all things are here with us in the house.

4 My father, show them to me I pray thee, I exclaimed.

5 Whereupon my father Teraḥ led me unto a chamber in the center of his house wherein were twelve great mighty ones and numerous smaller ones.

6 And my father said unto me, Behold, my son, these twelve great ones are rulers among the mighty ones and this largest one is ruler above all and these others were their assistants in creating all things.

7 And my father Teraḥ bowed down and worshipped before his mighty ones and we departed from them.