1 At this time the Ruaḥ of Elohim fell upon me in mighty power to strengthen mine arm, and picking up a hatchet which I had brought with me for that purpose, I destroyed all my father’s mighty ones, both wood and stone, by the power of Elohim which was in me, except for the largest in whose hand I placed the hatchet.

2 Then going to my father I said unto him, My father, I have seen a wondrous thing for my mother did make me savory meat this day to offer before the mighty ones who created all things.

3 And when I took the meat in unto them, they all reached forth their hands to partake thereof.

4 When the one who is ruler above all saw their words, he being angered left the room and returned with a hatchet wherewith he destroyed the other mighty ones, both wood and stone; and behold, he standeth there even now with the hatchet in his hand and the savory meat before him.