1 My father, hearing my words and seeing what I had done, increased in anger against me and hastened from his house unto the sovereign, for he had access to Sovereign Nimroḏ both day and night.

2 When he had entered the sovereigns’ presence, he bowed down before him and he saith unto him, My sovereign, fifty years ago a man-child was born unto my wife Amthelo, and when he was ten years old, we went on the new Moon to worship our ancestral mighy one when my son wandered off into the desert and was lost.

3 But he was found by the people of the desert and raised by them and he hath recently found his way back into my house and I have received him with honor as my son.

4 Notwithstanding this, he did this day enter into the room of my mighty ones and destroy them and hath spoken against our mighty ones and against that ancient order which hath been handed down from our first father whereunto we are called.

5 Now, therefore, my sovereign, send for him that he may be judged according to our law that this evil may be put away from among us.

6 The sovereign thereupon sent three of his mighty men who fetched me from my father’s house and brought me before the sovereign.