1 When the sovereign heard my words and the prayer which I uttered, he ordered me to be cast into the prison house until he had determined what to do with me.

2 And after ten days, the sovereign gathered together all his counselors and rehearsed unto them all things concerning me.

3 And when he had rehearsed all things unto them, he asked them, saying, What judgment shall such one receive who hath reviled the sovereign and our mighty ones and our holy order?

4 And they returned judgment unto him saying, The man who revileth the sovereign should be hanged from a tree until he is dead and the tree then felled to the ground while all the people shall shout, Thus shall it befall him who revileth the sovereign.

5 But this man hath not only reviled the sovereign but also our mighty ones and our holy order, and according to our law, such an one shall be cast into a furnace of fire until he be consumed that naught remain of him in the earth.

6 Let therefore the fire be increased in the sovereign’s furnace which is in Kasdim where the sovereign’s bricks are made and let this blasphemer be cast into the fire that he be consumed.