1 After the third day, the sovereign sent his servants to govern the fire that it might again be used for making brick.

2 But when they came up to the furnace, behold, I was sitting therein conversing with the messengers whom Elohim had sent.

3 Therefore, the servants of the sovereign, being greatly astonished, went and told him of this matter, but he would not believe them.

4 However, when the men persisted in their tale and showed great consternation, Sovereign Nimroḏ himself came unto the furnace, but the messengers had departed and I sat alone in the flames.

5 When he saw me therein unconsumed, the sovereign cried out in alarm, O Aḇram, art thou a sorcerer greater than ours that thou shouldst live in the flames unconsumed?

6 But I answered him, Not so, O sovereign, but  Elohim of the shamayim who is the true Elohim above all hath sent His messengers unto me and hath preserved me from this fire.

7 Being much amazed the sovereign exclaimed, Come forth then from the fire for I see that no power of mine can harm thee.