1 Whereupon, I ascended from the furnace and stood before the sovereign and his counselors who examined me closely, but behold, even my hair was not singed.

2 Wherefore, the sovereign caused garments from his own wardrobe to be brought and I was clothed therein and he caused me to be seated upon a throne at his right hand where my father used to sit and he said unto me, What of Haran thy brother who was cast into the furnace with thee?

3 Did the messengers carry him away to some far place that he might be saved?

4 But I replied unto him, Nay, but the faith of my brother was not perfect in the Most High Elohim; wherefore he was consumed in the flames.

5 Upon hearing this, the sovereign marveled and permitted me to speak in his court concerning the Most High Elohim and the redemption which should be wrought in behalf of those who believed on His Name.

6 Nevertheless, the heart of the sovereign was not changed, for he gloried in power and he thought to learn from my power by permitting me to speak.

7 But about three hundred men of those who sat in the sovereign’s court were converted unto 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 and followed no more after the evil order of Nimroḏ, wherefore, they were cast out of the sovereign’s presence; but as for me, the sovereign gave me many gifts and sent me away in peace and many were joined unto the believers in 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 from that day.

8 For having heard of my salvation from the fire, multitudes came to my father’s house to hear of Elohim who could do such mighty things and many were converted unto the truth.