1 When the men departed from me, they went directly into the presence of Pharaoh and when they had eaten with him, he had good wine brought forth.

2 While they drank together, they began to speak unto him of what had transpired, but all they could speak of were the beauties of Sarai.

3 How beautiful is the woman Sarai, they said, who sitteth at Aḇram’s right hand.

4 How comely is the shape of her face; how delicate and finespun are her tresses.

5 How beautiful her eyes. How delicate is her nose and the whole luster of her countenance.

6 How fair are her breasts and how comely with all is her complexion.

7 How comely, too, are her arms and how perfect her hands.

8 How pleasing are her hands to behold; how lovely her palms, how long and slender her fingers.

9 How comely are her feet. How well rounded her thighs.

10 None of the maidens and none of the brides that enter the bridechamber are fairer than she.

11 Her beauty is greater than all other women and she excels them all.

12 Moreover, along with all this beauty, she hath great wisdom and the workmanship of her hands is fair indeed.