1 When Shulem arrived in camp, he was, according to my directions, went to the tent of Lot, and when he had entered the tent, he bowed before Lot and said, My master Pharaoh and all the males of the land of Mitsrayim have been cursed that they are unable to come at their wives.

2 But it hath been told Pharaoh by his handmaiden Sarai that her kinsman Aḇram is a man full of wisdom and of the Ruaḥ of your Elohim.

3 Let him, therefore, come and lay his hands upon my master Pharaoh and pray for him that he may be healed and live.

4 But Lot said to him, As long as his wife Sarai remains with the sovereign, my uncle Aḇram will not be able to pray for him.

5 Be off thou and tell the sovereign to release the woman to her husband.

6 Then he will pray for him and he will be healed.