1 When Shulem heard these words, he was amazed and he went straightway to the sovereign.

2 My sovereign, said he, This curse hath come on account of Sarai the wife of Aḇram.

3 Let Sarai be but restored to her husband Aḇram and this curse will be lifted from off all the males of Mitsrayim.

4 Upon hearing these words, the sovereign asked Sarai saying, Is this thing so?

5 Yea, my master, she replied, and it is done that thou mightest behold the power of Elohim.

6 For when thine heart lusted after me, thou shouldst have asked and not taken me by force.

7 But this is done that the glory of Elohim might be revealed that thou shouldst turn from the worship of dumb mighty ones to the worship of the true and living Elohim.