1 Previous to this time, Amraphel, son of Nimroḏ, sovereign of Shin’ar, Keḏorla’omer, sovereign of Ĕylam, Aryoḵ, sovereign of Ellasar, and Tiḏ’al, sovereign of Goyim in Paddan Aram, had waged war against Bera, sovereign of Seḏom, Birsha, sovereign of Amorah, Shinaḇ, sovereign of Aḏmah, Shem’ĕḇer, sovereign of Tseḇoyim, and the sovereign of Bela.

2 They assembled for combat in the valley of Siddim and the sovereign of Shin’ar and his royal allies overcame the sovereign of Seḏom and his confederates and imposed tribute upon them.

3 For twelve years they paid their tribute to the sovereign of Shin’ar, but in the thirteenth year they revolted against him.

4 In the fourteenth year the sovereign of Shin’ar led forth all his allies and they went up along the way of the wilderness, attacking and plundering all who were confederate with the sovereign of Seḏom.

5 But the sovereign of Seḏom, the sovereign of Amorah, the sovereign of Aḏmah, the sovereign of Tseḇoyim, and the sovereign of Bela came forth to battle and met Amraphel and his allies in the valley of Siddim.

6 However, Amraphel and his allies prevailed against them and Bera, sovereign of Seḏom turned and fled and Birsha, sovereign of Amorah fell into the slime pits which were in the valley of Siddim and perished there.

7 The remainder of the sovereigns fled unto the mountain which was called Hanabal and tarried there in great fear.