1 But one of Lot’s servants who dwelt in his house escaped and came to me in Ḥeḇron and told me that Lot, my brother’s son, had been taken with all his possessions, but that he yet lived.

2 He showed me, moreover, the route which the sovereigns had taken toward the land of Dammeseq.

3 When I heard this news, my heart melted within me for Lot who had stood at my right hand had been as a brother to me in the place of my brother Haran, who had been slain in the Land of Shin’ar.

4 O, that Lot had stayed among the body of qodeshim of the Most High Elohim, I thought, and not go off to possess his own property apart.

5 Then these circumstances would never have befallen him that he should be in the hands of Amraphel, son of Nimroḏ, sovereign of Shin’ar and his host.

6 But as I thus mourned over Lot, the word of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 came unto me, saying, Up, arouse thee, O Aḇraham. Take three hundred and eighty of the young men of the strength of thine house and also thy friends Aneram, Eshkol, and Mamrĕ each with one hundred and five of the strength of his house and also Eli’ezer of Dammeseq who is with thee in the tent and pursue after Amraphel, son of Nimroḏ, sovereign of Shin’ar, for truly I shall deliver his hosts into your hands.