1 Wherefore, we did according to all that 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 had commanded me, having all seven hundreds of men and we pursued after them even unto the valley of Dan where we found them encamped.

2 And falling upon them by night from all four directions, we commenced the work of death and continued wreaking slaughter among them and discomforting them all that night.

3 And with the rising of the sun, they fled from before us until they reached Ḥoḇah which is situated to the left of Dammeseq where we did again overtake them and conquer them.

4 There we did strip them of all that they had taken as plunder and loot and likewise of all their won goods.

5 Lot also and his family we rescued from their hands and restoring to him all his possessions and all that they had taken from him as spoil, we restored him to his home in peace.