1 When the sovereign of Seḏom heard that I had returned from the conquest of Amraphel, son of Nimroḏ, sovereign of Shin’ar, he came forth to meet me at the valley of Shawĕh which is west of the city of Shalom where Noaḥ and Malkitseḏeq dwelt.

2 And Malkitseḏeq brought forth bread and wine from the city of Shalom unto the valley of Shawĕh where we were encamped.

3 And he being the kohĕn ha’gadol after the Order of the Most High Elohim, brake the bread and baraḵ it and he baraḵ the wine also and he distributed them unto me and those who were with me, and we partook and were filled.

4 And Malkitseḏeq lifted up his hands to the shamayim and baraḵ me, and said, Baruḵ Aḇraham, thou art a man the Most High Elohim, possessor of the shamayim and of earth, wherefore, His Name and kehunnah shall not depart from thee and thy seed after thee while the earth shall stand and even in eternity shall it remain with thee.

5 And baruḵ is the Name of the Most High Elohim and almighty His power, which hath delivered thine enemies into thine hand.

6 And I, Aḇraham, gave into the hand of Malkitseḏeq, tithes of all I had taken, for he was the presiding kohĕn ha’gadol after the Order of the Most High Elohim, the first of the fathers unto me, and he reigned under his father Noaḥ.