1 And when the sovereign of Seḏom had come unto me, he said unto me,  Aḇraham, give me the persons who are not thine but who are with thee whom thou hast rescued from the hand of Amraphel, son of Nimroḏ, sovereign of Shin’ar, but let all the property be left with thee.

2 But I said unto him, This day do I, Aḇraham, lift up my hand before the Most High Elohim, before His qodesh messengers and before these witnesses who are with us and declare that I will not take even so much as a thread or a shoe’s latchet which is not mine, lest thou shouldst say that all Aḇraham’s wealth cometh really from their possession.

3 Only that which the young men who are with me have eaten and that which Aneram, Eshkol, and Mamrĕ, these three stalwarts who went with me, have received as their share shall be excepted of all that I took from Amraphel, son of Nimroḏ, sovereign of Shin’ar that was thine.

4 The rest I return freely unto thee.

5 Now go thy way in peace.

6 Thereupon, I returned all the possessions and all the spoil and gave them unto the sovereign of Seḏom and I released all the captives and sent them away rejoicing.