1 Now Malkitseḏeq was a kohĕn after this order which is the Qodesh Order of Elohim; therefore he obtained peace in Shalom and was called the prince of peace.

2 And his people wrought righteousness and obtained the shamayim for they sought for the city of Ḥanoḵ which Elohim had before taken, separating it from the earth, having reserved it unto the latter days or the end of the world.

3 For Elohim hath said and sworn with an oath that the shamayim and the earth should come together again and the sons of Elohim be tried even by fire.

4 And thus Malkitseḏeq, having established righteousness, was called the sovereign of the shamayim by his people or, in other words, the sovereign of peace.

5 And they communed with those in the city of Ḥanoḵ and in the city of Peleḡ and had access to them and were baruḵ all their days.