1 Toḇi then answered and said, “Father, I shall do all that which you have commanded me,

2 but how may I receive the silver seeing I do not know him?”

3 Then he gave him the handwriting, and said to him, “Seek a man who would go with you while I still live, and I shall give him wages, and go and receive the silver.”

4 Therefore when he went to seek a man, he found Repha’ĕl who was a messenger.

5 But he did not know; and he said to him, “Would you go with me to Rhaḡes, and do you know those places well?”

6 To whom the messenger replied, “I shall go with you, and I know the way well, for I have stayed with our brother Gaḇa’ĕl.”

7 Then Toḇi said to him, “Wait for me till I tell my father.”

8 Then he said to him, “Go and do not delay.” So he went in and said to his father, “See, I have found one who shall go with me.” Then he said, “Call him to me, so I may know of what tribe he is, and whether he is a trustworthy man to go with you.”

9 So he called him, and he came in, and they greeted one another.

10 Then Toḇiyah said to him, “Brother, show me of what tribe and family you are.”

11 To whom he replied, “Do you seek for a tribe or family, or a hired man to go with your son?” Then Toḇiyah said to him, “Brother, may I know your relatives and name?”

12 Then he said, “I am Azaryah the son of Ḥananyah the elder, and of your brothers.”

13 Then Toḇiyah said, “You are welcome brother; do not be wroth with me because I have enquired to know your tribe and your family; for you are my brother, of an honest and good family; for I know Ḥananyah and Yahonathan- sons of Shemayah the elder – for we went together to Yerushalayim to worship, and offered the firstborn and the tenths of the first-fruits; and they were not seduced with the straying of our brothers. My brother, you are of a good family.

14 “But tell me, what wages shall I give you? Would you accept a draḵma a day, and what is necessary, and for my own son?

15 “Even so, if you return safe, I shall add somewhat to your wages.”

16 So they were well pleased. Then he said to Toḇi, “Prepare yourself for the journey, and Elohim give you a good journey.” And when his son had prepared all for the journey, his father said, “Go with this man, and Elohim, who dwells in the shamayim, prosper your journey, and the messenger of Elohim keep you company.” So they both departed, and the young man’s dog with them.

17 But Ḥannah his mother wept, and said to Toḇiyah, “Why have you sent our son away? Is he not the staff of our hand, in going in and out before us?

18 “Do not be greedy to add silver to silver; but let it be as filth in respect to our child.

19 “For that which 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has given us to live with is sufficient for us.”

20 Then Toḇiyah said to her, “Do not worry my sister; he shall return in safety, and your eyes shall see him.

21 “For the good messenger shall keep him company and his journey shall be prosperous, and he shall return safe.”

22 Then she ceased weeping.