1 And when they had eaten, they brought Toḇi in to her.

2 And as he went, he remembered the words of Repha’ĕl, and took the ashes of the incense, and put the heart and the liver of the fish on them, and made a smoke with it.

3 When the evil spirit had smelled the smell, it fled to the furthermost parts of Mitsrayim, and the messenger bound it.

4 And after they were both shut in together, Toḇi rose out of the bed and said, “Sister arise, and let us pray that Elohim would show favour on us.”

5 Then Toḇi began to say, “Baraḵ are You, O Elohim of our fathers, and baraḵ is Your qodesh and esteemed Name forever. Let the shamayim baraḵ You, and all Your creation.

6 “You made Aḏam, and gave him Ḥawwah his wife for a helper and support; from them came mankind. You have said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone, let Us make for him a helper as his counterpart.

7 “And now, O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, I do not take this my sister for a whore, but uprightly; therefore favourably allow that we may grow old together.”

8 And she said with him, “Amĕn.”

9 So they both slept that night. And Raḡu’ĕl arose, and went and dug a grave,

10 saying, “I fear lest he is also dead.”

11 And when Raḡu’ĕl had come into his house,

12 he said to his wife Eḏna, “Send one of the female servants, and let her see whether he is alive; and if not, that we may bury him, and no one know it.”

13 So the female servant opened the door and went in, and found them both asleep,

14 and came out, and told them that he was alive.

15 Then Raḡu’ĕl praised Elohim, and said, “O Elohim, You are worthy to be praised with all pure and qodesh praise! Therefore let Your qodeshim praise You with all Your creation, and let all Your messengers and Your elect praise You forever!

16 “You are to be praised, for You have made me joyful. And what I expected has not come to be, but You have dealt with us according to Your great kindness.

17 “You are to be praised because You have shown kindness for two who were the only brought-forth children of their fathers. Grant them kindness, O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, and complete their life in health with joy and kindness.”

18 Then Raḡu’ĕl told his servants to fill in the grave.

19 And he held the wedding feast fourteen days,

20 for before the days of the marriage were finished, Raḡu’ĕl had spoken to him with an oath saying, “You shall not depart till the fourteen days of the marriage have passed,

21 and then take half of your goods, and go in safety to your father, and then receive the remainder when my wife and I are dead.”