YASHAR 35 (Jasher 35)

1 And all the sovereigns of the Amorites came and took their stand in the field to consult with their counsellors what was to be done with the sons of Ya’aqoḇ, for they were still afraid of them, saying, “See, two of them slew the whole of the city of Sheḵem.”

2 And 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 heard the prayers of Yitsḥaq and Ya’aqoḇ, and he filled the hearts of all these sovereigns’ advisers with great fear and dread that they altogether exclaimed,

3 “Are you simple this day, or is there no understanding in you, that you will fight against the Iḇrim? And why will you take a delight in your own destruction this day?

4 “Look, two of them came to the city of Sheḵem without fear or dread, and they killed all the inhabitants of the city! No man stood up against them, and how will you be able to fight against them all?

5 “Only you know that their Elohim exceedingly loves them, and has done mighty deeds for them, such as have not been done from days of old, and among all the mighty ones of nations, there is none that can do like His mighty deeds.

6 “Indeed He delivered their father Aḇraham, the Iḇri, from the hand of Nimroḏ, and from the hand of all his people who had many times sought to slay him.

7 “He delivered him also from the fire in which sovereign Nimroḏ had thrown him, and his Elohim delivered him from it.

8 “And who else can do like this? Indeed it was Aḇraham who slew the five sovereigns of Ĕylam, when they had touched his brother’s son who in those days dwelt in Seḏom.

9 “And took his servant that was trustworthy in his house and a few of his men, and they pursued the sovereigns of Ĕylam in one night and killed them, and restored to his brother’s son all his property which they had taken from him.

10 “And indeed you know the Elohim of these Iḇrim is much delighted with them, and they are also delighted with Him, for they know that He delivered them from all their enemies.

11 “And see, through his love toward his Elohim, Aḇraham took his only and precious son and intended to offer him as a burnt offering to his Elohim, and had it not been for Elohim who prevented him from doing this, he would then have done it through his love for his Elohim.

12 “And Elohim saw all his works, and swore to him, and promised him that He would deliver his sons and all his seed from every trouble that would befall them, because he had done this matter, and through his love for his Elohim restrained his compassion for his child.

13 “And have you not heard what their Elohim did to Pharaoh sovereign of Mitsrayim, and to Aḇimeleḵ sovereign of Gerar, through taking Aḇraham’s wife, who said of her, ‘She is my sister,’ lest they should slay him because of her, and think of taking her for a wife? And Elohim did to them and their people all that you heard of.

14 “And look, we ourselves saw with our eyes that Ĕsaw, the brother of Ya’aqoḇ, came to him with four hundred men, with the intention of slaying him, for he called to mind that he had taken away from him his father’s beraḵah.

15 “And he went to meet him when he came from Aram, to smite the mother with the children, and who delivered him from his hands but his Elohim in whom he trusted? He delivered him from the hand of his brother and also from the hands of his enemies, and indeed He will again protect them.

16 “Who does not know that it was their Elohim who inspired them with strength to do to the city of Sheḵem the evil which you heard of?

17 “Could it then be with their own strength that two men could destroy such a large city as Sheḵem had it not been for their Elohim in whom they trusted? He said and did to them all this to slay the inhabitants of the city in their city.

18 “And can you then prevail over them who have come out together from your city to fight against the whole of them, even if a thousand times as many more should come to your assistance?

19 “Only you know and understand that you do not come to fight against them, but you come to fight against their Elohim who made choice of them, and you have therefore all come today to be destroyed.

20 “Now therefore refrain from this evil which you are endeavouring to bring upon yourselves, and it will be better for you not to go to battle with them, although they are but few in numbers, because their Elohim is with them.”

21 And when the sovereigns of the Amorites heard all the words of their advisers, their hearts were filled with fear, and they were afraid of the sons of Ya’aqoḇ and would not fight against them.

22 And they inclined their ears to the words of their advisers, and they listened to all their words. And the words of the counsellors greatly pleased the sovereigns, and they did so.

23 And the sovereigns turned and refrained from the sons of Ya’aqoḇ, for they dared not approach them to fight against them, for they were greatly afraid of them, and their hearts melted within them from their fear of them.

24 For this came from 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 to them, for He heard the prayers of His servants Yitsḥaq and Ya’aqoḇ, for they trusted in Him. And all these sovereigns returned with their camps on that day, each to his own city, and they did not fight against the sons of Ya’aqoḇ at that time.

25 And the sons of Ya’aqoḇ kept their guard that day till evening opposite mount Siḥon, and seeing that these sovereigns did not come to fight against them, the sons of Ya’aqoḇ returned home.