YASHAR 74 (Jasher 74)

1 In the end of years Sha’ul sovereign of Eḏom died, and Ba’al-Ḥanan son of Aḵbor reigned in his place.

2 In the sixteenth year of the reign of Mosheh over Kush, Ba’al-Ḥanan son of Aḵbor reigned in the land of Eḏom over all the children of Eḏom for thirty-eight years.

3 In his days Mo’aḇ rebelled against the power of Eḏom, having been under Eḏom since the days of Haḏaḏ son of Beḏaḏ, who smote them and Miḏyan, and brought Mo’aḇ under subjection to Eḏom.

4 And when Ba’al-Ḥanan son of Aḵbor reigned over Eḏom, all the children of Mo’aḇ withdrew their allegiance from Eḏom.

5 And Angĕas sovereign of Aphrika died in those days, and Azdruḇal his son reigned in his place.

6 And in those days Yaneas sovereign of the children of the Ḥittites died, and they buried him in his palace which he had built for himself in the plain of Kanopia for a residence, and Latinus reigned in his place.

7 In the twenty-second year of the reign of Mosheh over the children of Kush, Latinus reigned forty-five years over the children of the Ḥittites.

8 And he also built for himself a great and mighty tower, and in it he built an elegant palace for his residence, to conduct his reign, as was the custom.

9 In the third year of his reign he sent a call to be made to all his skilful men, who made many ships for him.

10 And Latinus assembled all his armies, and they came in ships, and went in them to fight against Azdruḇal son of Angĕas sovereign of Aphrika, and they came to Aphrika and engaged in battle with Azdruḇal and his army.

11 And Latinus prevailed over Azdruḇal, and Latinus took from Azdruḇal the water-shaft which his father had brought from the children of the Ḥittites, when he took Yaniah the daughter of Uzi for a wife. So Latinus overthrew the bridge of the water-shaft, and smote the whole army of Azdruḇal a severe blow.

12 And the remaining strong men of Azdruḇal strengthened themselves, and their hearts were filled with envy, and trying death, they again engaged in battle with Latinus sovereign of the Ḥittites.

13 And the battle was fierce upon all the men of Aphrika, and they all fell wounded before Latinus and his people, and Azdruḇal the sovereign also fell in the battle.

14 And the sovereign Azdruḇal had a very good-looking daughter, whose name was Ushpezena, and all the men of Aphrika embroidered her likeness on their garments, because of her exceedingly good looks and lovely appearance.

15 And the men of Latinus saw Ushpezena, the daughter of Azdruḇal, and praised her before Latinus their sovereign.

16 And Latinus ordered her to be brought to him, and Latinus took Ushpezena for a wife, and he turned back on his way to the Ḥittites.

17 And it came to be after the death of Azdruḇal son of Angĕas, when Latinus had turned back to his land from the battle, that all the inhabitants of Aphrika rose up and took Anibal son of Angĕas, the younger brother of Azdruḇal, and made him sovereign instead at his brother over the whole land at Aphrika.

18 And when he reigned, he resolved to go to the Ḥittites to fight against the children of the Ḥittites, to avenge the cause of Azdruḇal his brother, and the cause of the inhabitants of Aphrika, and he did so.

19 And he made many ships, and he came in them with his whole army, and he went to the Ḥittites.

20 So Aniḇal fought with the children of the Ḥittites, and the children of the Ḥittites fell wounded before Aniḇal and his army, and Aniḇal avenged his brother’s cause.

21 And Aniḇal continued the battle for eighteen years with the children of the Ḥittites, and Aniḇal dwelt in the land of the Ḥittites and encamped there for a long time.

22 And Aniḇal smote the children of the Ḥittites very severely, and he slew their great men and princes. And of the rest of the people he smote about eighty thousand men.

23 And at the end of days and years, Aniḇal returned to his land of Aphrika, and he reigned safely in the place of Azdruḇal his brother.