YASHAR 8 (Jasher 8)

1 And it came to be in the night that Aḇram was born, that all the servants of Teraḥ, and all the wisemen of Nimroḏ, and his astrologers came and ate and drank in the house of Teraḥ, and they rejoiced with him on that night.

2 And when all the wise men and astrologers went out from the house of Teraḥ, they lifted up their eyes toward the shamayim that night to look at the stars, and they looked, and see, one very large star came from the east and ran in the shamayim, and it swallowed up the four stars from the four sides of the shamayim.

3 And all the wise men of the sovereign and his astrologers were astonished at the sight, and the wise men understood this matter, and they knew its importance.

4 And they said to each other, “This only foretells the child that has been born to Teraḥ this night, will grow up and be fruitful, and multiply, and possess all the earth, he and his children forever, and he and his seed will slay great sovereigns, and inherit their lands.”

5 And the wise men and astrologers went home that night, and in the morning all these wise men and astrologers rose early, and assembled in an appointed house.

6 And they spoke and said to each other, “See, the sight that we saw last night is hidden from the sovereign, it has not been made known to him.

7 “And should this matter get known to the sovereign in the latter days, he will say to us, ‘Why have you concealed this matter from me?’ And then we shall all suffer death! Therefore, now let us go and tell the sovereign the sight which we saw, and the interpretation of it, and we shall then remain clear.”

8 And they did so, and they all went to the sovereign and bowed down to him to the ground, and they said, “May the sovereign live! May the sovereign live!

9 “We heard that a son was born to Teraḥ son of Naḥor, the prince of your army, and last night we came to his house, and we ate and drank and rejoiced with him that night.

10 “And when your servants went out from the house of Teraḥ, to go to our respective homes to abide there for the night, we lifted up our eyes to the shamayim, and we saw a great star coming from the east, and the same star ran with great speed, and swallowed up four great stars, from the four sides of the shamayim.

11 “And your servants were astonished at the sight which we saw, and were greatly afraid, and we made our judgment upon the sight, and knew by our wisdom the proper interpretation of it, that this matter applies to the child that is born to Teraḥ, who will grow up and multiply greatly, and become powerful, and kill all the sovereigns of the earth, and inherit all their lands, he and his seed forever.

12 “And now our master and sovereign, see, we have truly made known to you what we have seen concerning this child.

13 “If it seems good to the sovereign to give his father value for this child, we will slay him before he shall grow up and increase in the land, and his evil increase against us, that we and our children perish through his evil.”

14 And the sovereign heard their words and they seemed good in his sight, and he sent and called for Teraḥ, and Teraḥ came before the sovereign.

15 And the sovereign said to Teraḥ, “I have been told that a son was born to you last night, and after this manner was observed in the shamayim at his birth.

16 “And now therefore, give me the child, that we may slay him before his evil rises up against us, and I will give you for his value, your house full of silver and gold.”

17 And Teraḥ answered the sovereign and said to him, “My master and sovereign, I have heard your words, and your servant shall do all that his sovereign desires.

18 “But my master and sovereign, I will tell you what befell me last night, that I may see what advice the sovereign will give his servant, and then I will answer the sovereign on what he has just spoken.” And the sovereign said, “Speak.”

19 And Teraḥ said to the sovereign, “Ayon, son of Moreḏ, came to me last night, saying,

20 ‘Give to me the great and good-looking horse that the sovereign gave you, and I will give you silver and gold, and straw and food for its value.’ And I said to him, ‘Wait till I see the sovereign concerning your words, and see, whatever the sovereign says, that I will do.’

21 “And now my master and sovereign, see, I have made this matter known to you, and the advice which my sovereign will give unto his servant, that will I follow.”

22 And the sovereign heard the words of Teraḥ, and his wrath was kindled and he considered him in the light of a fool.

23 And the sovereign answered Teraḥ, and he said to him, “Are you so foolish, ignorant, or lacking in understanding, to do this matter, to give your good-looking horse for silver and gold or even for straw and food?

24 “Are you so short of silver and gold, that you should do this matter, because you cannot obtain straw and food to feed your horse? And what is silver and gold to you, or straw and food, that you should give away that fine horse which I gave you, like which there is none to be had on the whole earth?”

25 And the sovereign left off speaking, and Teraḥ answered the sovereign, saying, “Like this has the sovereign spoken to his servant;

26 “I beg you, my master and sovereign, what is this which you said to me, saying, ‘Give your son that we may slay him, and I will give you silver and gold for his value.’ What shall I do with silver and gold after the death of my son? Who shall inherit me? Only then at my death, the silver and gold will return to my sovereign who gave it.”

27 And when the sovereign heard the words of Teraḥ, and the parable which he brought concerning the sovereign, it grieved him greatly and he was troubled at this word, and his wrath burned within him.

28 And Teraḥ saw that the wrath of the sovereign was kindled against him, and he answered the sovereign, saying, “All that I have is in the sovereign’s power; whatever the sovereign desires to do to his servant, that let him do. Even my son, he is in the sovereign’s power, without value in exchange, he and his two brothers that are older than he.”

29 And the sovereign said to Teraḥ, “No, but I will purchase your younger son for a price.”

30 And Teraḥ answered the sovereign, saying, “I beg you my master and sovereign to let your servant speak a word before you, and let the sovereign hear the word of his servant.” And Teraḥ said, “Let my sovereign give me three days’ time till I consider this matter within myself, and consult with my clan concerning the words of my sovereign.” And he pressed the sovereign greatly to agree to this.

31 And the sovereign listened to Teraḥ, and he did so and he gave him three days’ time, and Teraḥ went out from the sovereign’s presence, and he came home to his clan and spoke to them all the words of the sovereign; and the people were greatly afraid.

32 And it came to be in the third day that the sovereign sent to Teraḥ, saying, “Send me your son for a price as I spoke to you; and should you not do this, I will send and slay all you have in your house, so that you shall not even have a dog remaining.”

33 And Teraḥ hastened, as the matter was urgent from the sovereign, and he took a child from one of his servants, which his female servant had born to him that day, and Teraḥ brought the child to the sovereign and received value for him.

34 And 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 was with Teraḥ in this matter, that Nimroḏ might not cause Aḇram’s death, and the sovereign took the child from Teraḥ and with all his might dashed his head to the ground, for he thought it had been Aḇram; and this was concealed from him from that day. And it came to be forgotten by the sovereign, as it was the matter of providence not to allow Aḇram’s death.

35 And Teraḥ took Aḇram his son secretly, together with his mother and nurse, and he concealed them in a cave, and he brought them their provisions monthly.

36 And 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 was with Aḇram in the cave, and he grew up, and Aḇram was in the cave ten years, and the sovereign and his princes, diviners and wise men, thought that the sovereign had killed Aḇram.