1 Then Holophernĕs said to her, “Take courage woman, do not fear in your heart. For I never hurt any that desire to serve Neḇuḵaḏnetstsar, the sovereign of all the earth.

2 “Now therefore, if your people who dwell in the mountains had not despised me, I would not have lifted up my spear against them; but they have brought these matters upon themselves.

3 “But now tell me why you have fled from them and have come to us; for you have come for safeguard; take courage, you shall live this night and hereafter.

4 “For none shall hurt you, but treat you well, as they do the servants of sovereign Neḇuḵaḏnetstsar my master.”

5 Then Yahuḏith said to him, “Receive the words of your servant, and allow your female servant to speak in your presence, and I shall declare no lie to my master this night.

6 “And if you follow the words of your female servant, Elohim shall accomplish this matter through you; and my master shall not fail from his purposes.

7 “As Neḇuḵaḏnetstsar sovereign of all the earth lives, and as his power exists, who has sent you for the sustaining of all that live; for not only men shall serve him by you, but also the beasts of the field and the cattle and the birds of the air shall live by your power under Neḇuḵaḏnetstsar and all his house.

8 “For we have heard of your wisdom and your understanding, and it is reported in all the earth that you alone are excellent in all the reign, and mighty in knowledge and marvellous in feats of battle.

9 “Now concerning the matter which Aḵior spoke in your council, we have heard his words; for the men of Bĕyth Yulia saved him, and he reported to them all that he had spoken to you.

10 “Therefore, O master and governor, do not disregard his word; but lay it up in your heart for it is true. For our nation shall not be punished, neither can the sword prevail against them unless they sin against their Elohim.

11 “And now, so that my master is not defeated or frustrated from his purpose, even now death has fallen upon them, and their sin has overtaken them with which they have provoked their Elohim to anger whenever they do that which is not to be done.

12 “For their food is exhausted and their water is scarce, and they have determined to seize their cattle, and planned to consume all that which Elohim has forbidden them to eat by His Torot,

13 and have resolved to consume the first-fruits of the tenth of wine and oil which they had qadosh and reserved for the kohenim that serve in Yerushalayim before the face of our Elohim; that which is not right for any of the people so much as to touch with their hands.

14 “For they have sent some to Yerushalayim, because those who dwell there have also done the same, to bring them permission from the council.

15 “Now when they bring them word, they shall do it straight away, and they shall be given to you to be destroyed the same day.

16 “Therefore I your female servant, knowing all this, have fled from their presence; and Elohim has sent me to accomplish matters with you at which all the earth and whoever hears it shall be astonished.

17 “For your servant is dedicated, and serves the Elohim of the shamayim day and night. Now therefore my master, I shall remain with you, and your servant shall go out by night into the valley, and I shall pray to Elohim and He shall tell me when they have committed their sins.

18 “And I shall come and reveal it to you; then you shall go out with all your army, and there shall be none of them that shall resist you.

19 “And I shall lead you through the midst of Yahuḏah until you come to Yerushalayim; and I shall place your throne in its midst. And you shall drive them as sheep that have no shepherd, and a dog shall not so much as open its mouth at you; for these matters were told to me according to my foreknowledge, and they were declared to me, and I have been sent to tell you.”

20 Then her words pleased Holophernĕs and all his servants; and they marvelled at her wisdom and said,

21 “There is no other woman from one end of the earth to the other, both for loveliness of face, and wisdom of words.”

22 Likewise Holophernĕs said to her, “Elohim has done well to send you before the people, that strength might be in our hands and destruction upon those who disrespect my master.

23 “And now you are both lovely of face and wise in your words; surely if you do as you have spoken, your Elohim shall be my Elohim, and you shall dwell in the house of sovereign Neḇuḵaḏnetstsar and shall be well praised throughout the whole earth.”