1 Not long after, Lusias the sovereign’s protector and cousin, who also managed the affairs, took great displeasure in that which was done.

2 And when he had gathered about eighty thousand with all the horsemen, he came against the Yahuḏim, thinking to make the city a dwelling for the gentiles,

3 and to make a profit from the Hĕyḵal, as from the other temples of the gentiles, and to put up the high kehunnah for sale every year;

4 not at all considering the power of Elohim, but puffed up with his tens of thousands of footmen, and his thousands of horsemen, and his eighty elephants.

5 So he came to Yahuḏah, and drew near to Bĕyth Tsur which was a fortified town, but about five stadion away from Yerushalayim, and he laid heavy siege to it.

6 Now when those that were with Maqqaḇah heard that he besieged the towers, they and all the people pleaded to 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 with lamentation and tears that He would send a good messenger to deliver Yisra’ĕl.

7 Then Maqqaḇah himself took weapons first of all, encouraging the others to risk their lives together with him to help their brothers. So they went out together with one mind.

8 And while they were at Yerushalayim, there appeared before them one in white garments on horseback, brandishing his weapons of gold.

9 Then they praised the kindness of Elohim all together and took courage, so that they were ready not only to fight with men, but with most fierce beasts, and to break through walls of iron.

10 So they marched forward with their weapons, having a Helper from the shamayim, for 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 was kind to them.

11 And making a charge on their enemies like lions, they slew eleven thousand footmen and sixteen hundred horsemen, and put all the others to flight.

12 Also many of them escaped stripped and wounded, and Lusias himself fled away shamefully and escaped.

13 Being a man of understanding, accepting the loss he had, and considering that the Iḇrim could not be overcome because Ĕl Shaddai helped them, he sent to them

14 and persuaded them to agree to all reasonable conditions, and promised that he would persuade the sovereign that he must be a friend to them.

15 Then Maqqaḇah consented to all that Lusias desired, being careful of the common good, and whatever Maqqaḇah wrote to Lusias concerning the Yahuḏim, the sovereign granted it.

16 For there were letters written to the Yahuḏim from Lusias to this effect: “Lusias to the people of the Yahuḏim, greetings.

17 “Yoḥanan and Aḇshalom, who were sent from you, delivered the written request and asked for the completion of it’s contents.

18 “Therefore whatever matters were right to be reported to the sovereign, I have declared them, and he has granted as much as possible.

19 “And if you will then keep yourselves loyal to the state, from now on I will also endeavour to be a source for your good.

20 “And of these matters I have given order both to these and the others that came from me, to speak with you.

21 “Farewell. The hundred and forty-eighth year, the twenty-fourth day of the month Dioskorinthios.”

22 Now the sovereign’s letter contained these words: “Sovereign Antioḵos to his brother Lusias sends greeting.

23 “Since our father is taken up to the mighty ones, our desire is, that those that are in our reign live peaceably, that everyone may attend to his own affairs.

24 “We also understand that the Yahuḏim would not agree with our father to be brought into the custom of the gentiles, but rather keep their own manner of living; which is the reason they ask from us that we should allow them to live after their own laws.

25 “Therefore our decision is, that this nation shall be at peace and we have determined to restore them their Hĕyḵal that they may live according to the customs of their forefathers.

26 “You shall do well therefore to send to them and grant them peace, that when they are informed of our decision, they may take courage and always go cheerfully about their own affairs.”

27 And the letter of the sovereign to the nation of the Yahuḏim was in this manner: “Sovereign Antioḵos sends greeting to the council, and the rest of the Yahuḏim.

28 “If you are well, we have our desire; we are also in good health.

29 “Menelaos has informed us, that your desire was to return home and to follow your own business,

30 therefore those that would depart shall have safe conduct with safety till the thirtieth day of Xanthikos.

31 “And the Yahuḏim shall apply their own kind of food and Laws as before; and none of them in any way shall be provoked for whatever is done in ignorance.

32 “I have sent also Menelaos. that he may encourage you.

33 “Farewell. In the hundred forty and eighth year, and the fifteenth day of the month Xanthikos.”

34 The Romans also sent a letter to them containing these words: “Quintus Memmius and Titus Manlius, ambassadors of the Romans, sends greeting to the people of the Yahuḏim.

35 “Whatever Lusias the sovereign’s cousin has granted, with that we are also well pleased.

36 “But regarding such matters that he has decided to be referred to the sovereign, after you have advised of this, send someone promptly that we may declare as it is appropriate for you, for we are now going to Antioḵeia.

37 “Therefore send messengers with speed, so that we may know what is your decision.

38 “Farewell. This hundred and forty-eighth year, the fifteenth day of the month Xanthikos.”