1 Now when the qodesh city was inhabited with all peace and the Laws were guarded very well, because of the righteousness of Onyah the kohĕn ha’gadol and his hatred of wickedness,

2 it came to be that even the sovereigns themselves honoured the place and extolled the Hĕyḵal with their best gifts,

3 so that Seleukus of Asia bore all the costs pertaining to the service of the offerings from his own revenues.

4 But a certain Shim’on of the tribe of Binyamin, who was made governor of the Hĕyḵal, fell out with the kohĕn ha’gadol about disorder in the city.

5 And when he could not overcome Onyah, he went to Apollonios the son of Thraseas, who then was governor of Koĕlĕ Suria and Phoinikĕ,

6 and told him that the treasury in Yerushalayim was full of an endless amount of silver, so that the multitude of their riches, which did not pertain to the account of the offerings, was innumerable, and that it was possible to bring all into the sovereign’s hand.

7 Now when Apollonios came to the sovereign, and had showed him some of the silver of which he was told, the sovereign chose out Heliodorus his treasurer, and sent him with a command to bring him the silver spoken of.

8 So Heliodorus promptly took his journey, under pretense of visiting the cities of Koĕlĕ Suria and Phoinikĕ, but indeed to fill the sovereign’s purpose.

9 And when he came to Yerushalayim, and had been received in friendship by the kohĕn ha’gadol of the city, he told him what information was given regarding the silver and declared why he came and asked if these things were indeed so.

10 Then the kohĕn ha’gadol told him that there was such silver laid up for the relief of widows and fatherless children,

11 and that some of it belonged to Hurkanos son of Toḇiyah, a man of high position, and not as that wicked Shim’on had misinformed; the sum of which in total was four hundred talanton of silver and two hundred of gold,

12 and that it was altogether impossible that such wrongs should be done to those that had committed it to the qodeshah of the place, and to the esteem and undefiled qodeshah of the Hĕyḵal honoured all over the world.

13 But because of the sovereign’s command given him, Heliodorus said that by any means it must be brought into the sovereign’s treasury.

14 So on the day which he appointed, he entered in to order this matter, therefore there was no small distress throughout the whole city.

15 But the kohenim, bowing themselves before the altar in their kehunnah garments, called to the shamayim on He that made a Law concerning matters given to be kept, that they should safely be preserved for such as had committed them to be kept.

16 Then whoever the kohĕn ha’gadol had looked in the face, it would have wounded his heart, for his appearance and his change in colour made clear the inward agony of his mind.

17 For the man was so encompassed with fear and horror of the body, that it was made clear to those that looked upon him what sorrow he now had in his heart.

18 Others ran out of their houses gathering to the general supplication, because the place was likely to come into contempt.

19 And the women, girded with sackcloth under their breasts, overflowed in the streets, and the maidens that were kept in ran, some to the gates and some to the walls, and others looked out of the windows.

20 And all, holding their hands toward the shamayim, made supplication.

21 Then it would have pitied a man to see the falling down of the multitude of all sorts, and the fear of the kohĕn ha’gadol being in such an agony.

22 They then called upon 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 the Almighty to guard the matters entrusted safe and secure for those that had committed them.

23 Nevertheless Heliodorus executed that which was decreed.

24 Now as he was there present with his guard around the treasury, 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 of Ruaḥoth and the Prince of all power, caused a great appearance, so that all that though to come in with him were astonished at the power of Elohim and fainted and were greatly frightened.

25 For there appeared to them a horse with a fearsome rider upon it, and adorned with a very attractive covering. And it ran fiercely and smote at Heliodorus with its forelegs and it seemed that he that sat upon the horse had a harness completely of gold.

26 And two other young men appeared before him, notable in strength, excellent in beauty and splendid in apparel, who stood by him on either side and flogged him continually and gave him very many stripes.

27 And Heliodorus fell suddenly to the ground and was surrounded with great darkness, but those that were with him picked him up and put him into a palanquin.

28 So he, that recently came with a great procession and with all his guard into the treasury, they carried out, being unable to help himself with his weapons, and making it clear they acknowledged the power of Elohim.

29 For he, by the hand of Elohim was thrown down, and lay speechless without any expectancy of life.

30 And they praised 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 who had miraculously honoured His own place, for the Hĕyḵal – which shortly before was full of fear and trouble – when 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 the Almighty appeared, was filled with joy and gladness.

31 Then immediately some friends of Heliodorus who lay ready to breathe his last, pleaded with Onyah that he would call upon the Most High to grant him his life.

32 So the kohĕn ha’gadol, suspecting lest the sovereign should wrongly think that some treachery had been done to Heliodorus by the Yahuḏim, offered an offering for the health of the man.

33 Now as the kohĕn ha’gadol was making an atonement, the same young men in the same garments appeared and stood beside Heliodorus saying, “Give Onyah the kohĕn ha’gadol great thanks, because for his sake 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has granted you life.

34 “And seeing that you have been flogged from the shamayim, declare to all men the mighty power of Elohim.” And when they had spoken these words, they no longer appeared.

35 So after he had brought an offering to 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, and made great vows to Him that had saved his life, and embraced Onyah, Heliodorus returned with his army to the sovereign.

36 Then he witnessed to all men the works of the great Elohim, which he had seen with his eyes.

37 And when the Sovereign Heliodorus, who might be a suitable man to be sent yet once again to Yerushalayim said,

38 “If you have any enemy or traitor, send him there, and you shall receive him well flogged, if he escapes with his life. For in that place, no doubt; there is a special power of Elohim.

39 “For he that dwells in the shamayim has His eye on that place, and defends it; and He beats and destroys those that come to damage it.”

40 And the matters concerning Heliodorus and the keeping of the treasury, fell out on this sort.