1 Now these are they who came to Dawiḏ at Tsiqlaḡ while he was still in hiding from Sha’ul son of Qish. And they were among the mighty men, helping the battle,

2 armed with bows, using both the right hand and the left, with stones, and with arrows, with bows, of the brothers of Sha’ul, of Binyamin.

3 The chief was Aḥi’ezer and Yo’ash, the sons of Shema’ah the Giḇ’athite; and Yezaw’ĕl and Pelet, the sons of Azmaweth; and Beraḵah, and Yahu the Anathothite;

4 and Yishmayah the Giḇ’onite, a mighty man among the thirty, and over the thirty; and Yirmeyahu, and Yaḥazi’ĕl, and Yoḥanan, and Yozaḇaḏ the Geḏĕrathite;

5 Eluzai, and Yerimoth, and Be’alyah, and Shemaryahu, and Shephatyahu the Ḥaruphite;

6 Elqanah, and Yishshiyahu, and Azar’ĕl, and Yow’ezer, and Yashoḇ’am the Qorḥites;

7 and Yo’ĕlah and Zeḇaḏyah, the sons of Yeroḥam of Geḏor.

8 And some Gaḏites separated themselves to Dawiḏ at the stronghold in the wilderness, mighty brave men, men trained for battle, who could handle shield and spear, whose faces were like the faces of lions, and were as swift as gazelles on the mountains:

9 Ĕzer the chief, Oḇaḏyah the second, Eliyaḇ the third,

10 Mishmannah the fourth, Yirmeyahu the fifth,

11 Attai the sixth, Eli’ĕl the seventh,

12 Yoḥanan the eighth, Elzaḇaḏ the ninth,

13 Yirmeyahu the tenth, Maḵbannai the eleventh.

14 These were from the sons of Gaḏ, chiefs of the army. The least was over a hundred, and the greatest was over a thousand.

15 These were the ones who passed over the Yardĕn in the first month, when it was overflowing all its banks, and put to flight all those in the valleys, to the east and to the west.

16 And some of the children of Binyamin and Yahuḏah came to Dawiḏ at the stronghold.

17 And Dawiḏ went out to face them, and answered and said to them, “If you have come peaceably to me to help me, my heart shall be united with you; but if to betray me to my enemies – there is no violence in my hands – let the Elohim of our fathers see and reprove.”

18 Then the Ruaḥ came upon Amasai, chief of the officers, “Yours, O Dawiḏ! And with you, O son of Yishai! Peace, peace to you, and peace to your helpers! For your Elohim shall help you.” And Dawiḏ received them, and put them among the chiefs of the raiding band.

19 And some from Menashsheh went over to Dawiḏ when he was going with the Pelishtites to battle against Sha’ul. But they did not help them, for the princes of the Pelishtites took advice and sent him away, saying, “He might go over to his master Sha’ul with our heads!”

20 When he went to Tsiqlaḡ, those of Menashsheh who went over to him were Aḏnah, and Yozaḇaḏ, and Yeḏiya’ĕl, and Miḵa’ĕl, and Yozaḇaḏ, and Elihu, and Tsillethai, chiefs of the thousands who were from Menashsheh.

21 And they helped Dawiḏ against the raiding bands, for they were all mighty brave men, and they were commanders in the army.

22 For at that time they came to Dawiḏ day by day to help him, until it was a great army, like an army of Elohim.

23 And these were the numbers of the chiefs of those that were armed for battle, and came to Dawiḏ at Ḥeḇron to turn over the reign of Sha’ul to him, according to the word of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄:

24 Of the children of Yahuḏah bearing shield and spear, six thousand eight hundred armed for battle;

25 of the children of Shim’on, mighty brave men for the army, seven thousand one hundred;

26 of the children of Lĕwi four thousand six hundred;

27 and Yahoyaḏa, the leader of the Aharonites, and with him three thousand seven hundred;

28 and Tsaḏoq, a young man, a mighty brave man, and from his father’s house twenty-two commanders;

29 and the children of Binyamin, relatives of Sha’ul, three thousand – until then the greatest part of them guarded the charge of the house of Sha’ul;

30 and the children of Ephrayim twenty thousand eight hundred, mighty brave ones, men of name throughout their father’s house;

31 and the half-tribe of Menashsheh eighteen thousand, who were designated by name to come and appoint Dawiḏ to reign;

32 and the children of Yissasḵar who had understanding of the times, to know what Yisra’ĕl should do, their chiefs were two hundred. And all their brothers were at their command;

33 of Zeḇulun there were fifty thousand going out to the army, arranging battle with all weapons of battle, giving support with undivided heart;

34 and of Naphtali one thousand commanders, and with them thirty-seven thousand with shield and spear;

35 and of the Danites, arranging battle, twenty-eight thousand six hundred;

36 and of Ashĕr, going out to the army, arranging battle, forty thousand;

37 and of the Re’uḇĕnites and the Gaḏites and the half-tribe of Menashsheh, from beyond the Yardĕn, one hundred and twenty thousand armed for battle with every kind of weapon of battle.

38 All these men of battle, keeping rank, came to Ḥeḇron with a perfect heart, to appoint Dawiḏ to reign over all Yisra’ĕl. And all the rest of Yisra’ĕl were of one heart to appoint Dawiḏ to reign.

39 And they were there with Dawiḏ three days, eating and drinking, for their brothers had prepared for them.

40 And also those who were near to them, from as far away as Yissasḵar and Zeḇulun and Naphtali, were bringing food on donkeys and camels, on mules and cattle – food of flour and cakes of figs and cakes of raisins, wine and oil and cattle and sheep in great quantities, for there was joy in Yisra’ĕl.