1 And these were the sons of Dawiḏ who were born to him in Ḥeḇron: The first-born was Amnon, by Aḥino’am the Yizre’ĕlitess; the second, Dani’ĕl, by Aḇiḡayil the Karmelitess;

2 the third, Aḇshalom son of Ma’aḵah, the daughter of Talmai, sovereign of Geshur; the fourth, Aḏoniyah son of Ḥaggith;

3 the fifth, Shephatyah, by Aḇital; the sixth, Yithre’am, by his wife Eḡlah.

4 Six were born to him in Ḥeḇron. And he reigned there seven years and six months, and in Yerushalayim he reigned thirty-three years.

5 And these were born to him in Yerushalayim: Shim’a, and Shoḇaḇ, and Nathan, and Shelomoh – four by Bathshua the daughter of Ammi’ĕl.

6 Yiḇḥar also, and Elishama, and Eliphelet,

7 and Noḡah, and Nepheḡ, and Yaphiya,

8 and Elishama, and Elyaḏa, and Eliphelet, nine,

9 all the sons of Dawiḏ, besides the sons of the concubines, and Tamar their sister.

10 And Shelomoh’s son was Reḥaḇ’am, Aḇiyah his son, Asa his son, Yahoshaphat his son,

11 Yoram his son, Aḥazyahu his son, Yo’ash his son,

12 Amatsyahu his son, Azaryahu his son, Yotham his son,

13 Aḥaz his son, Ḥizqiyahu his son, Menashsheh his son,

14 Amon his son, Yoshiyahu his son.

15 And the sons of Yoshiyahu: Yoḥanan the first-born, the second Yahoyaqim, the third Tsiḏqiyahu, the fourth Shallum.

16 And the sons of Yahoyaqim: Yeḵonyah his son and Tsiḏqiyahu his son.

17 And the sons of Yeḵonyah the captive: She’alti’ĕl his son,

18 and Malkiram, and Peḏayah, and Shenatstsar, Yeqamyah, Hoshama, and Neḏaḇyah.

19 And the sons of Peḏayah: Zerubbaḇel and Shim’i. The sons of Zerubbaḇel: Meshullam, and Ḥananyah, and Shelomith their sister,

20 and Ḥashuḇah, and Ohel, and Bereḵyah, and Ḥasaḏyah, Yushaḇ-Ḥeseḏ, five.

21 And the sons of Ḥananyah: Pelatyah and Yeshayah, the sons of Rephayah, the sons of Arnan, the sons of Oḇaḏyah, the sons of Sheḵanyah.

22 And the son of Sheḵanyah: Shemayah. The sons of Shemayah: Ḥattush, and Yiḡ’al, and Bariyaḥ, and Ne’aryah, and Shaphat, six.

23 And the sons of Ne’aryah: Elyo’ĕynai, and Ḥizqiyah, and Azriqam, three.

24 And the sons of Elyo’ĕynai: Hoḏawyah, and Elyashiḇ, and Pelayah, and Aqquḇ, and Yoḥanan, and Delayah, and Anani, seven.