YOḆELIM 25 (Jubilee 25)

1 And in the second year of this week in this Yoḇĕl, Riḇqah called Ya’aqoḇ her son, and spoke to him, saying, “My son, do not take a wife of the daughters of Kena’an, as Ĕsaw, your brother, who took two wives of the daughters of Kena’an, and they have embittered my being with all their unclean deeds, for all their deeds are whoring and lust, and there is no righteousness with them, because of evil.

2 “And I love you exceedingly my son, and my heart and my affection baraḵ you every hour of the day and watch of the night.

3 “And now, my son, listen to my voice, and do the desire of your mother, and do not take yourself a wife of the daughters of this land, but only of the house of my father, and of my father’s relatives. You shall take a wife of the house of my father, and the Most High Ĕl shall baraḵ you, and your children shall be a righteous generation and a qodesh seed.”

4 And then Ya’aqoḇ spoke to Riḇqah, his mother, and said to her, “See, mother, I am nine weeks of years old, and I neither know nor have I touched any woman, nor have I engaged myself to any, nor even thought of taking myself a wife of the daughters of Kena’an.

5 “For I remember, mother, the words of Aḇraham, our father, for he commanded me not to take a wife of the daughters of Kena’an, but to take for myself a wife from the seed of my father’s house and from my relatives.

6 “I have heard before, that daughters have been born to Laḇan, your brother, and I have layed my heart on them to take a wife from among them.

7 “And for this reason I have guarded myself in my spirit against sinning or being corrupted in all my ways throughout all the days of my life; for with regard to lust and whoring, Aḇraham, my father, gave me many Commands.

8 “And, despite all that he has commanded me, these twenty-two years, my brother has strove with me and spoken frequently to me and said, ‘My brother, take to wife a sister of my two wives.’ But I refuse to do as he has done.

9 “I swear before you, mother, that all the days of my life I shall not take for myself a wife from the daughters of the seed of Kena’an, and I shall not act wickedly as my brother has done.

10 “Do not fear, mother; be assured that I shall do your desire and walk in uprightness, and not corrupt my ways, forever.”

11 And afterward she lifted up her face to the shamayim and extended the fingers of her hands, and opened her mouth and baraḵ the Most High Ĕl, who had created the shamayim, and the earth, and she gave Him thanks and praise.

12 And she said, “Baruḵ be 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Elohim, and may His qodesh Name be baruḵ forever and ever; who has given me Ya’aqoḇ as a pure son and a qodesh seed; for He is Yours, and his seed shall be Yours continually and throughout all the generations forever.

13 “Barak him, O Aḏonai, and place in my mouth the bireḵoth of righteousness, that I may baraḵ him.”

14 And in that hour, when the spirit of righteousness descended into her mouth, she placed both her hands on the head of Ya’aqoḇ, and said,

15 “Baruḵ are You, Aḏon of righteousness and Elohim of the ages! And may He baraḵ you beyond all the generations of men. May He give you, my son, the path of righteousness, and reveal righteousness to your seed.

16 “And may He make your sons many during your life, and may they arise according to the number of the months of the year. And may their sons become many and great beyond the stars of the shamayim, and their numbers be more than the sand of the sea.

17 “And may He give them this good land as He said He would give it to Aḇraham and to his seed after him always, and may they hold it as an everlasting possession.

18 “And may I see to you, my son, baruḵ children during my life, and a baruḵ and qodesh seed may all your seed be.

19 “And as you have refreshed your mother’s spirit during life, the womb of her that bore you baraḵ you, and my breasts baraḵ you and my mouth and my tongue praise you greatly.

20 “Increase and spread over the earth, and may your seed be perfect in the joy of the shamayim and earth forever; and may your seed rejoice, and on the great Day of peace may it have peace.

21 “And may your name and your seed endure to all the ages, and may the Most High Ĕl be their Elohim, and may the Elohim of righteousness dwell with them, and by them may His Miqdash be built unto all the ages.

22 “Baruḵ is he that baraḵ you, and all flesh that curses you falsely may it be cursed.”

23 And she kissed him, and said to him, “May 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 of the world love you as the heart of your mother and her affection rejoice in you and baraḵ you.” And she ceased from bireḵoth.