1 A copy of the testament of Ashĕr, the things he spoke to his sons in the one hundred twenty-fifth year of his life.

2 While he was still healthy he said to them, Listen, children of Ashĕr, to your father, and I will show you everything that is right in the sight of Elohim.

3 Elohim has granted two ways to the sons of men, two mind-sets, two lines of action, two models, and two goals.

4 Accordingly, everything is in pairs, the one over against the other.

5 The two ways are good and evil; concerning them are two dispositions within our hearts that choose between them.

6 If the soul wants to follow the good way, all of its deeds are done in righteousness and any sin committed is immediately repented of.

7 Contemplating just deeds and rejecting wickedness, the soul overcomes evil and uproots sin.

8 But if the mind is disposed toward evil, all of its deeds are wicked; driving out the good, it accepts the evil and is overmastered by Beliar, who,

9 even when good is undertaken, presses the struggle so as to make the aim of his action into evil, since the devil’s storehouse is filled with the vermin of the evil spirit.