1 Children, you see how in everything there are two factors, one against the other, one concealed by the other: In possessions is greed, in merriment is drunkenness, in laughter is lamentation, in marriage is dissoluteness.

2 Death is successor to ḥai, dishonor to glory, night to day, darkness to light, but all these things lead ultimately to day: righteous actions to ḥai, unjust actions to death, since eternal ḥai wards off death.

3 One cannot say truth is a lie, nor a righteous act is unjust, because all truth is subject ultimately to the light, just as all things are subject ultimately to Elohim.

4 I have demonstrated all these things in my life, and have not strayed from 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄’s truth. I have searched out the Commandments of the Most High and lived them according to all my strength.