1 See, I have told you everything, so that I might be exonerated with regard to your sin.

2 If you divest yourselves of envy and every hardness of heart, my bones will flourish as a rose in Israel and my flesh as a lily in Ya’aqoḇ. My odor shall be like the odor of Leḇanon. Holy ones shall be multiplied from me forever and ever, and their branches shall extend to a great distance.

3 Then the seed of Kena’an will be destroyed, and there will be no posterity of Amalĕq. All the Cappadocians shall be destroyed and all the Ḥittites shall be wholly obliterated.

4 The land of Ḥam shall be wanting, and all that people shall perish. Then the whole earth shall be at rest from trouble/tribulation, and everything under heaven shall be free from war.

5 Then Shĕm shall be glorified; because Elohim the Master, the Great One in Yisra’ĕl, will be manifest upon the earth [as a man]. By Himself will He save man.

6 Then all the ruaḥs of error shall be given over to being trampled underfoot. And men will have mastery over the evil ruaḥs.

7 Then I shall arise in gladness and I shall bless the Most High for his marvels.