SHIM’ON 6 (Simeon 6)

1 See, I have told you everything, so that I might be exonerated with regard to your sin.

2 If you divest yourselves of envy and every hardness of heart, my bones will flourish as a rose in Yisra’ĕl and my flesh as a lily in Ya’aqoḇ. My odor shall be like the odor of Leḇanon. Qodesh ones shall be multiplied from me forever and ever, and their branches shall extend to a great distance.

3 Then the seed of Kena’an will be destroyed, and there will be no posterity of Amalĕq. All the Cappadocians shall be destroyed and all the Ḥittites shall be wholly obliterated.

4 The land of Ḥam shall be wanting, and all that people shall perish. Then the whole earth shall be at rest from trouble, and everything under the shamayim shall be free from war.

5 Then Shĕm shall be glorified; because Elohim the Master, the Great One in Yisra’ĕl, will be manifest upon the earth as a man. By Himself will He save man.

6 Then all the spirits of error shall be given over to being trampled underfoot. And men will have mastery over the evil spirits.

7 Then I shall arise in gladness and I shall baraḵ the Most High for his marvels.