ZEḆULUN 1 (Zebulun 1)

Zeḇulun, the sixth son of Ya’aqoḇ and Lĕ’ah. The inventor and philanthropist., What he learned as a result of the plot against Yosĕph.

1 The copy of the words of Zeḇulun, which he enjoined on his sons before he died in the hundred and fourteenth year of his life, two years after the death of Yosĕph.

2 And he said to them: Hearken to me, ye sons of Zeḇulun attend to the words of your father.

3 I, Zeḇulun, was born a good gift to my parents.

4 For when I was born my father was increased very exceedingly, both in flocks and herds, when with the streaked rods he had his portion.

5 I am not conscious that I have sinned all my days, save in thought.

6 Nor yet do I remember that I have done any iniquity, except the sin of ignorance which I committed against Yosĕph; for I covenanted with my brethren not to tell my father what had been done.

7 But I wept in secret many days on account of Yosĕph, for I feared my brethren, because they had all agreed that if any one should declare the secret, he should be slain.

8 But when they wished to kill him, I adjured them much with tears not to be guilty of this sin.

9 For Shim’on and Gaḏ came against Yosĕph to kill him, and he said unto them with tears: Pity me, my brethren, have mercy upon the bowels of Ya’aqoḇ our father: lay not upon me your hands to shed innocent blood, for I have not sinned against you.

10 And if indeed I have sinned, with chastening chastise me, my brethren, but lay not upon me your hand, for the sake of Ya’aqoḇ our father.

11 And as he spoke these words, wailing as he did so, I was unable to bear his lamentations, and began to weep, and my liver was poured out, and all the substance of my bowels was loosened.

12 And I wept with Yosĕph and my heart sounded, and the joints of my body trembled, and I was not able to stand.

13 And when Yosĕph saw me weeping with him, and them coming against him to slay him, he fled behind me, beseeching them.

14 But meanwhile Re’uḇĕn arose and said: Come, my brethren, let us not slay him, but let us cast him into one of these dry pits, which our fathers digged and found no water.

15 For for this cause 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 forbade that water should rise up in them in order that Yosĕph should be preserved.

16 And they did so, until they sold him to the Yishma’ĕlites.

17 For in his price I had no share, my children.

18 But Shim’on and Gaḏ and six other of our brethren took the price of Yosĕph, and bought sandals for themselves, and their wives, and their children, saying:

19 We will not eat of it, for it is the price of our brother’s blood, but we will assuredly tread it under foot, because he said that he would be sovereign over us, and so let us see what will become of his dreams.

20 Therefore it is written in the writing of the Torah of Mosheh, that whosoever will not raise up seed to his brother, his sandal should be unloosed, and they should spit in his face.

21 And the brethren of Yosĕph wished not that their brother should live, and 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 loosed from them the sandal which they wore against Yosĕph their brother.

22 For when they came into Mitsrayim they were unloosed by the servants of Yosĕph outside the gate, and so they made obeisance to Yosĕph after the fashion of Sovereign Pharaoh.

23 And not only did they make obeisance to him, but were spit upon also, falling down before him forthwith, and so they were put to shame before the Mitsrites.

24 For after this the Mitsrites heard all the evils that they had done to Yosĕph.

25 And after he was sold my brothers sat down to eat and drink.

26 But I, through pity for Yosĕph, did not eat, but watched the pit, since Yahuḏah feared lest Shim’on, Dan, and Gaḏ should rush off and slay him.

27 But when they saw that I did not eat, they set me to watch him, till he was sold to the Yishma’ĕlites.

28 And when Re’uḇĕn came and heard that while he was away Yosĕph had been sold, he rent his garments, and mourning, said:

29 How shall I look on the face of my father Ya’aqoḇ? And he took the money and ran after the merchants but as he failed to find them he returned grieving.

30 But the merchants had left the broad road and marched through the Troglodytes by a short cut.

31 But Re’uḇĕn was grieved, and ate no food that day.

32 Dan therefore came to him and said: Weep not, neither grieve; for we have found what we can say to our father Ya’aqoḇ.

33 Let us slay a kid of the goats, and dip in it the coat of Yosĕph; and let us send it to Ya’aqoḇ, saying: Know, is this the coat of thy son?

34 And they did so. For they stripped off from Yosĕph his coat when they were selling him, and put upon him the garment of a slave.

35 Now Shim’on took the coat, and would not give it up, for he wished to rend it with his sword, as he was angry that Yosĕph lived and that he had not slain him.

36 Then we all rose up and said unto him: If thou givest not up the coat, we will say to our father that thou alone didst this evil thing in Yisra’ĕl.

37 And so he gave it unto them, and they did even as Dan had said.