1 My son, do not rob the poor of his living,
And do not allow the needy eyes to wait long.

2 Do not make a hungry being sorrowful;
Neither provoke a man in his distress.

3 Do not add more trouble to a heart that is tortured;
And do not delay to give to he who is in need.

4 Do not reject the supplication of the afflicted;
Neither turn away your face from a poor man.

5 Do not turn away your eye from the needy,
And give him no occasion to curse you;

6 For if he curses you in the bitterness of his being,
His prayer shall be heard by He who made him.

7 Earn for yourself the love of the assembly,
And bow your head to a great man.

8 Let it not grieve you to bend your ear to the poor,
And give him a friendly answer with meekness.

9 Deliver he who suffers wrong from the hand of the oppressor;
And do not be faint-hearted when you sit in judgment.

10 Be as a father to the fatherless,
And like a husband to their mother;
So you shall be as the Ben of the Most High,
And He shall love you more than your mother does.

11 Wisdom exalts her children,
And lays hold of those who seek her.

12 He who loves her loves ḥai;
And those who seek her early shall befilled with joy.

13 He who holds her fast shall inherit esteem;
And wherever she enters, 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 shall baraḵ.

14 Those who serve her serve the Qadosh One:
And those who love her 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 loves.

15 Whoever gives ear to her shall judge the nations:
And he who attends to her shall dwell securely.

16 If a man commits himself to her, he shall inherit her;
And his generation shall hold her in possession.

17 For at first she shall walk by him in crooked ways,
And bring fear and dread upon him,
And punish him with her discipline,
Until she may trust his being, and try him by her laws.

18 Then she shall return him to the straight way,
And comfort him, and show him her secrets.

19 But if he goes wrong, she shall forsake him,
And give him over to his own ruin.

20 Watch for opportunity, and beware of evil;
And do not be ashamed when it concerns your being.

21 For there is shame that brings sin;
And there is shame which is esteem and favour.

22 Do not show partiality against your being,
And do not let the fear of any man cause you to fall.

23 And do not refrain to speak,
when there is occasion to do good,
And do not hide your wisdom in her loveliness.

24 For by speech wisdom shall be known;
And learning by the word of the tongue.

25 By no means speak against the truth;
But be ashamed of the straying of your ignorance.

26 Do not be ashamed to confess your sins;
And do not force the course of the river.

27 Do not make yourself a servant to a foolish man;
Neither show partiality to the mighty.

28 Strive for the truth unto death,
And 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 shall fight for you.

29 Do not be hasty with your tongue,
Or slack and negligent in your deeds.

30 Do not be as a lion in your house,
Nor wroth among your servants.

31 Do not let your hand be stretched out to receive,
And closed when you should repay.