1 So I tell you, my children, flee from the evil of Beliar, because he offers a sword to those who obey him.

2 And the sword is the mother of the seven evils; it receives them through Beliar: The first is moral corruption, the second is destruction, the third is oppression, the fourth is captivity, the fifth is want, the sixth is turmoil, the seventh is desolation.

3 It is for this reason that Qayin was handed over by Elohim for seven punishments, for in every hundredth year 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 brought upon him one plague.

4 When he was two hundred years old suffering began and in his nine hundredth year he was deprived of life. For he was condemned on account of Heḇel his brother as a result of all his evil deeds, but Lemeḵ was condemned by seventy times seven.

5 Until eternity those who are like Qayin in envy and hatred of brother shall be punished with similar judgment.