LĔWI 16 (Levi 16)

1 Now I have come to know that for seventy weeks you shall wander astray and profane the kehunnah and defile the sacrificial altars.

2 You shall set aside the Torah and nullify the words of the neḇi’im by your wicked perversity. You persecute just men: and you hate the pious; the word of the faithful you regard with revulsion.

3 A man who by the power of the Most High renews the Torah, you name ‘Deceiver’, and finally you shall plot to kill Him, not discerning His eminence; by your wickedness you take innocent blood on your heads.

4 I tell you, on account of Him your qodesh places shall be razed to the ground.

5 You shall have no place that is clean, but you will be as a curse and a dispersion among the nations until He will again have regard for you, and will take you back in compassion.